Sparkiverse-Minecraft Rally

  •  Build teamwork skills in Minecraft - all new worlds, all new challenges.
    Weave fun and healthy interaction into Minecraft as your student takes on new adventures in the educational version of Minecraft. Students develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills as they work together to solve challenges. We ensure players don’t just sit in a room together, Sparkiverse designs challenges that ensure teamwork, collaboration, and healthy communication.
    Class Highlights:
    • Brand new worlds with exciting, fantastical challenges

    • Students need to work collaboratively - by building together in the game, they build real relationships.

    • Students develop teamwork, problem solving, and social skills within the comfort of a game they love

    Who will love this class:
    Girls and boys in grades 1-3, 
    Anyone who loves Minecraft or games in general!
    Children who love Minecraft, but wish for a more educational structure within the game.
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