• Student safety and traffic flow are critical issues, and we face delays from large amounts of car traffic at school start and end times. Please join the families who use alternatives to single-family car trips, even if all you do is take one friend in your car one day as week.

    Walking and Biking Together 

    Encourage some outdoor activity by organizing a walk or bike group to Encinal. MPCSD has Safe Routes to School maps (see below). Funding for this program made possible by the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County. 

    Together Bike racks are located near the garden; at the front of the school near the Multiuse Room; in front of the kindergarten play yard; and in front of the new fourth and fifth grade complex. Students and parents must walk bikes on campus. Please review the Bike Safety tips with your student. Click here for information about where to meet your child after school when walking or biking.
    Encinal Elementary has partnered with a volunteer student from Menlo-Atherton High School to create an informational page with great tips and information for safely making it to school.  Check it out here.

    Walk and Bike Maps!
    Safe Routes The District's Safe Routes to School grant funded development by an engineering consultancy of Safe Routes to School maps indicating recommended walk and bike routes to District schools. Choosing when and how to commute to Encinal car-free is each family's decision based upon their circumstances and capabilities. The Safe Routes maps are a tool for planning your family's trip every morning and after school. Click for Encinal Safe Routes MapFunding for this program made possible by the City/County Association of Governments of San Mateo County. 
    Encinal is partnering with a volunteer student from Menlo-Ahterton High School to build an information web page with all kinds of helpful tips for safely biking and walking to school.  Check it out here:  Encinal Bike and Pedestrian Safety.

    District Yellow School Bus
    The District offers a K-2 route that runs mornings and afternoons including Thursdays and minimum days. This bus is available also to 3rd grade students in the morning. The bus loading zone is located in the bus bay on Encinal Avenue in front of the office. Primary students are walked to and from the bus by a staff member. Click for more.    

    SamTrans Bus Service to Encinal

    samTrans SamTrans operates two bus routes serving Encinal School: 88 and 89. Children riding SamTrans home fromshould go to the front of the TERC building next to Encinal School and follow the instructions of staff members for boarding the bus. Click for more. 

    Tinsley Buses

    Students going home on the Tinsley bus route to East Palo and East Menlo Park meet the buses in the bus bay in front of the office following upper grade dismissal. Primary students are supervised and then guided to the bus bay for pick up. Contact the Encinal office for more info 650-326-5164.

    After School Care Transportation Vans To Burgess (Menlo Children's Center)

    The City of Menlo Park operates after-school care at the Menlo Children's Center located next to Burgess Park at 801 Laurel St. There is a van that shuttles students from Encinal to Burgess after school every school day. Children waiting to ride the Burgess van will be supervised on the large playground. Information about this shuttle is available through the Menlo Children's Center. Click for more.

    If You Must Drive...

    Please consider offering a ride to a neighbor or two. Families forming carpools to school are eilgible for a one-time incentive $25 gas card from the County! Click for more. 

    In the morning, arrive ten minutes before the bell to enjoy a fast drop-off before the crowds arrive. And when you are picking up after school, always display your name placard. Also, consider arriving five or ten minutes after the dismissal time to enjoy a faster trip through the car queue. Please adhere to the safety policies and procedures for Encinal's drop-off and pick-up lane. Click for more.

    Car Pick-Up System

    In collaboration with the PTO, Encinal utilizes a system of colored student name cards to make pick ups via automobile safe and easy for students. Every family will receive a pick-up lane card to display in your window when picking up students. There will also be instructions for how the system works. All student pick up and drop off occurs inside the front loop. There is no drop off and pick up inside the bus bays, in the TERC lot, or along Encinal Avenue or Middlefield. It is not safe and not permitted.  Please read all the instructions about how the Pick-Up System works at Morning Drop Off and at Afternoon Pick-Up at Encinal.  Click for more.

    Before-School Supervision

    • Yard supervision will be provided for all students beginning at 7:45 AM.
    • Kindergarteners should proceed to the fenced primary playground next to the kindergarten classrooms.
    • Students in 1st - 5th Grade should go to lunch tables or the upper grade play structure area.
    • The field is closed in the morning.
    • The school bell will ring 5 minutes before class begins to signal that it's time for students to go to their classroom.

    After School Supervision for Siblings With Different Dismissal Times Going Home Together

    Parents with children in both primary (K-2) and upper grades (3-5) must wait until the later dismissal time to pick up children (3:00 p.m. on M, T, W, F or 1:50 pm on Thursdays). Younger siblings who are waiting for 3rd, 4th, or 5th graders will be supervised. Upper grade children should meet waiting siblings in the small multiuse room at the front of the campus before proceeding to buses, bikes or the carpool zone. 

    Limited parking is available to parents at the front of the school and on some surrounding streets.  Please observe parking signs in surrounding streets as you might get a parking ticket.  Parking is permitted along the front curb once carpool is over. Please note that the parking spots inside the driveway loop become blocked during pick up times. The staff parking lot behind the fourth and fifth grade building is not available to parents.