Facility Use for Parents/Community

  • MPCSD supports the use of the District's school facilities as Civic Centers and recognizes that many activities benefit the youth of the community and contributes to the educational experiences of pupils and contributes to the general welfare of the community by housing important activities. On this page you will find the process in which outside user groups can reserve space through the MPCSD, as well as other helpful information.
    *Please note we are currently full and no longer accepting summer camp facility reservations for 2023*

    ML Schedules

Steps for Reserving Space

  • Step 1 - Creating an Account and Obtaining Insurance


    The first step to reserving space is to create an account using our online system. Use this link to get started. If you are a part of a larger organization, please be certain an account does not already exist within our system. You can request to be a new user of an existing account using the same link above. For instructions on requesting an account click here.


    Once your account is created you will need to upload your insurance. Please review the instructions on how to upload insurance.  If you like, you may request insurance from your provider prior to creating your account. It could take a week or more to obtain, so please allow time for this. Having your insurance ready when you request the account will speed up the approval process. Once your organization's request is approved, you will be able to reserve space.


    Insurance Requirements: A Certificate of Insurance naming the Menlo Park City School District (limit no less than $1,000,000 per occurrence). We request that your insurance list the Menlo Park City School District as the certificate holder with the address of 181 Encinal Avenue, Atherton, CA 94027.

    For more information please read our MPCSD Facility Use Term and Conditions.


    Step 2- Reserving Space


    Once you have submitted insurance and your account has been approved, you will be notified by the system. You can then sign in to request space through ML Schedules by clicking this link. Once logged in follow these instructions to reserve your space. Please be sure to include any important setup information. This will help us communicate to our facilities and technology teams.


    If you are unsure about what location will best fit your needs, you may reach out to booking@mpcsd.org. If you know what school site you would like to reserve but aren’t sure which room will work for you, please contact the Office Manager at the school site to get some directions on rooms and availability. You can log into the system by clicking this link. Once logged in, follow these instructions to reserve your space.


    Step 3- Awaiting Approval


    Your request will be approved on two levels. The first approval comes from the Office Manager or Assistant Principal. They are looking for scheduling conflicts and availability of space. The second approval came from our District Office. This approval is primarily reviewing organization information and verifying insurance. You will receive a confirmation via email each time a request is approved. Once you receive the final approval, you can rest assured that you have the space.


    Allow a day or two for these approvals. If you do not receive approval from our automated system or you feel your request is awaiting the second approval, please reach out to us at booking@mpcsd.org to let us know.


    Step 4- Problems Reserving Space and Cancellations


    Sometimes problems can arise when reserving space. Perhaps you reserved the wrong day/time or room or perhaps you weren’t able to omit dates that weren’t needed. There is also a chance you may need to cancel dates once your request has been approved. Please reach out to us when this happens.


    We’re happy to help. You may reach out to booking@mpcsd.org or call 650-321-7140, Ext: 5633.


    *If you fail to notify our District Office of a cancellation, additional fees may apply.