Caroline Lucas - World Language

  • Caroline Lucas in Madrid I am an educator of 29 years and hold a B.A. in Spanish and a B.A. in Multi Dis Studies from Santa Clara Univ. (Go Broncos!), an M.Ed. from UCLA and a doctoral degree in educational leadership from USC. I have taught in K-8 classrooms in three California distinguished schools in the Bay Area and my teaching experience also includes piloting a middle school Spanish program.

    During my tenure as an educator, I spent ten years mentoring teachers in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties, lead mentor professional development for the Silicon Valley New Teacher Project and worked as a professional development specialist at the New Teacher Center.

    I am passionate about the Spanish language and culture!  I travel to Mexico twice yearly to serve a third world community. Each summer I reside in España with my friends and family. I have two biliterate children, a 12th grader at Menlo-Atherton and a college freshman at Santa Clara University.


    • Kindergarten: None- I never went!

    • First grade: Being the tiniest and one of the smartest girls in my class.

    • Second grade: Being made fun of because I couldn’t jump rope.

    • Third grade: Singing my multiplication songs (I can still do it- ask me to show you!)

    • Fourth grade: Building my California mission with my grandmother and using pine cones for tiles

    • Fifth grade: Being “pegged” during dodgeball games by the boys in my class

    • Sixth grade: Wearing dresses to school (I was the only one and I often still am)

    • Seventh grade: Realizing that a lot of kids had family rules different from my family’s rules


    • Learning Spanish (starting at the age of 13)
    • Being the granddaughter of two immigrants 
    • Putting time into issues of social justice
    • Being descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence
    • Raising my children as native Spanish speakers
    • Caring for my students’ social-emotional wellness 

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