After-School Programs

  • The Hillview PTO works with independent vendors to offer a wide range of engaging after-school programs (ASPs). From language arts to athletics to technology, the programs allow students to explore new interests and challenges. The success of each program is dependent on participation from the Hillview community; ASPs can only be offered if the minimum participation numbers are reached. Scholarships can be arranged by the PTO for qualifying students.


    Hillview ASP Coordinator

    Tara Carranza Chapman -

    2021 - 2022

    Our program providers are offering a variety in-person as well as some virtual after school options for this school year. Most of our after school programs will be offered through Homeroom, our ASP registration and management site.  Where registration is directly through the provider's site and not on Homeroom, it will be a unique link below.


    Spring After School Programs are open for enrollment.  Our Spring sessions run from Monday, April 11 through Wednesday June 8. No classes on April 29 or May 30.

  • Course Descriptions:

    Starfire Education

    Students learn to think like 21st century mathematicians, scientists, engineers, programmers, design thinkers, and artists. Your child will learn-by-doing, through discovery, and by solving interesting, challenging, hands-on problems with professional coaching from fun & inspiring STEAM professionals. Starfire class sizes are small; our student-to-teacher ratio never exceeds eight-to-one. We are so excited to welcome your child to our STEAM learning community!



    Omega Teaching

    Writing Workouts feature short, in-class exercises designed to complement Hillview’s class work.  Seminars will be highly interactive and fun. Students will participate and practice the common criteria needed to write well in any genre: Voice, Audience, Structure and Editing (VASE).

    Size is limited to 15 students.  Students will have the opportunity to review, discuss and present their writing, including writing for school assignments. No homework.  Join at any time.  Drop-in fees and scholarships available.



    J Ace J Music

    Acoustic Guitar:  This is a fun class for kids to learn how to play acoustic guitar.  Kids will learn about song structure, music theory, strumming, picking, tuning, rhythm and group interaction.  This class is for all skill levels.


    Rock Band Class:  This is a fun group class designed to teach kids how to play music in a rock band setting.  This class is for kids of all skill levels, but 2-3 months experience on their instrument is very beneficial.  




    Chess programs for all from Beginners up to Master Level. Together we will discover new chess possibilities.


    Please note:
    The after school programs listed on the Hillview School website are organized and run by vendors that are unaffiliated with Hillview or the Menlo Park City School District. Hillview is not responsible for the content of the vendors' websites or for the conduct of the activities they provide and is not liable for any damages or negative consequences from participation in any of the listed activities.  Although parent volunteers strive to keep the information on this website up-to-date, parents should always contact the vendor for the latest status of the activities as well as meeting dates and times, which may change from time to time. In addition, Hillview Middle School is not responsible for supervising children after the end of the school day. 

    Parents should make their own arrangements for ensuring their children’s arrival and participation in the activity or activities for which they are enrolled.

    Employees and volunteers of Hillview, Hillview PTO, and the Menlo Park City School District are not liable for any errors, omissions, or changes to any of the information or activities listed herein.