Department Directory 2020-21

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Name Department Department Details Grade Room Extension Email
Tracey Berliner Acceleration Special Education/AIMS Academy 6,7,8 B-5 2205
Susan Churba Acceleration Special Education/Acceleration/Math 8 B-4 2204
Emily Lowrie Acceleration English Learner Specialist B-3 Office 2213
Kelley Otis Acceleration Special Education 7 A-8 2117
Nicolas Valdes Acceleration Special Education/Acceleration 6 A-8 2107
Brian Benelli Administration Site Technician Tech Office 2111
Monica Bosch Administration Attendance Clerk Office 2001
Danny Chui Administration Assistant Principal Office 2902
Cathy Garagozzo Administration Office Manager Office 2000
Willy Haug Administration Principal Office 2900
Jennifer Noravian Administration Office Assistant Office 2002
Danielle O'Brien Administration Associate Principal Office 2901
Kellie Raczkowski Administration Counselor/6th Grade 6 Office 2904
Christina Sendejo Johnson Administration Counselor/7th Grade 7 Office 2906
Niloufar Tarani Administration School Psychologist 6,7,8 Office 2102
Robyn Watts Administration Counselor/8th Grade 8 Office 2903
Mike Bratt Electives Industrial Technology 7,8 B-1 2201
Brian Darmanin Electives Mixed Media Journalism/Character-6th Grade/ASB 6,7,8 G-3 2703
Libby Ellis Electives Thrive 6,7,8 C-6 2306
Katrina Hagg Electives ASB 7 C-4 2304
Bill Hairston Electives Drama 6,8 G-4 2704
Amy Kingsley Electives Yearbook 6,7,8 B-6 2206
Anna Kogan Electives Art/Photography 7,8 B-2 2202
Aimee Mathenia Library Library/Librarian/Electives/Media Literacy 6 6,7,8 Library 2830
Richard Vaughan Electives Band/Orchestra/Music 6,7,8 G-5 2705