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    Back to School Committees

    OCC Engagement Coordinator



    Barbara Nguyen-Vu

    Aug - Oct

    One coordinator


    This role is ideal for someone with availability in the late summer/fall as it runs through the OCC Campaign Period. Responsibilities include:

    • Attend weekly OCC Operations Committee meetings as Hillview representative

    • Work with PTO leadership to develop a school-site strategy for fundraising success 

    • Develop, manage, and coordinate on-campus OCC events (ie, coffees, car lines, etc)

    • Recruit volunteers to promote OCC at other school-site events during the campaign period (eg, Fall Picnic)

    • Receive and manage school-site OCC signage such as thermometer, and distribute materials such as letters and marketing materials 

    • Communicate with Hillview’s MPAEF Liaison(s) for OCC-related events and needs

    Back-to-School Celebration




    Jun - Aug

    Welcome all students back to campus with a celebration during the school day that includes music, swag, and a treat.

    • Work with Hillview administration to plan the event, recruit volunteers, and coordinate set-up

    • Coordinate with ASB to provide music

    • Provide food-related treat (ie ice cream, popsicles) for students and volunteers


    Budget provided.

    WEB Day Committee



    Emily Robinson

    Teresa Kwon

    May - Aug

    Lead + committee members


    Hillview’s 6th grade orientation, WEB Day — Where Everyone Belongs — takes place the day before school begins to help new students smoothly transition into middle school. WEB Day includes a morning session for half the 6th graders, and an afternoon session for the other half. Each session also includes a welcome coffee for parents. A special feature of WEB Day is WEB Leaders, 8th grade volunteers who facilitate tours and games to help 6th graders acclimate to Hillview. Committee responsibilities:

    • Work with Hillview administration/teachers to plan the event, recruit parent volunteers, and coordinate set-up

    • Design and order WEB leader t-shirts

    • Order and assemble swag 

    • Provide lunch for 8th graders during WEB training

    • Provide lunch for WEB leaders on WEB Day


    Budget provided.

    Fall Family Event

    July - Oct

    Details TBD

    Communications Committee

    Newsletter Editors



    Minna Tong

    Monika Charrette

    1 year

    Two leads


    Work with PTO Executive Board Communications Chair to create and publish weekly email newsletter for all staff and student families. Responsibilities include:

    • Manage and track all submissions, upload for editorial review

    • Meet weekly with Principal to review content and plan for upcoming communications

    • Review and edit all content, place in ParentSquare template

    • Collaborate with the preview group to upload/publish newsletter for Sunday AM release

    Web Content Manager



    Jennifer Noravian

    1 year



    Align with newsletter editors and the webmaster to keep the Hillview website current and informative.

    • Draft and work with administration to review website content

    • Work in Google Docs to update copy for webmaster to publish on site

    • Manage editorial calendar to ensure PTO communications team is forward looking




    Prachi Shah

    1 year



    Work closely with the web content manager to keep the school website updated. Skills needed include:

    • Comfort working with a web content management system

    • Basic (or above) knowledge of HTML

    Staff-support Committees

    Staff Appreciation Committee


    Nora Singer

    Christie Connaghan

    Queenie Kroh Jacqueline Lin

    1 year

    Lead + committee members


    The Staff Appreciation Committee coordinates special events for Hillview staff throughout the year. Appreciation activities may include coffee and pastries, luncheons, dinners, Hillview gear, Teacher Appreciation Week, and end-of-year gifts. Committee responsibilities include:

    • Set a schedule of events before school begins

    • Coordinate events throughout the year

    • Recruit parent volunteers to help with events as necessary


    Budget provided.

    Academy Parent Coordinators



    Kelly Morehead

    Maria Lehmkuhl

    1 year



    Assist staff in recruiting and training academy leads for each grade. Responsibilities include:

    • Communicating reminders to all Academy Leads throughout the year

    • Liaison for grade-specific events including Greek Festival, 8th Grade BB, canned food drive, and holiday events

    Academy Lead Parent



    Many needed, OPEN

    1 year

    Two per academy


    Work with Academy teachers to coordinate student events and celebrations throughout the year. Responsibilities include:

    • Coordinate grade-specific events for a specific academy

    • Coordinate holiday celebrations and volunteers for a specific academy

    • Work with Academy Parent Coordinator to recruit volunteers if needed

    On-Campus Volunteer Opportunities


    Service Team



    Brandee Barker

    Dana Goldstein

    1 year

    One or two parent coordinator/s + one teacher sponsor

    Hillview’s Service Team engages in a variety of service projects throughout the year. Past projects have included preparing sandwiches for Martha’s Kitchen, making cards for children in the hospital, and selling sunflowers to benefit Ukrainian children. Service work may take place on campus or via field trips. Coordinator responsibilities:

    • Recruit students to join Service Team

    • Work with teacher sponsor to plan, promote, and facilitate service projects throughout the year

    • Communicate with students and parents via HawkTalk, Schoology, and ParentSquare

    • Hold Service Team meetings during lunch twice per month

    • Work with PTO Volunteer Coordinator to recruit parent volunteers as necessary

    Budget provided.

    Library Volunteers


    Volunteers ongoing

     Variable  Multiple volunteers


    Helping in Hillview’s library is a very flexible volunteer opportunity. Volunteers are welcome to work in the library weekly, monthly, or variably, and for any increment of time during the school day (eg, 20-30 minutes or a couple hours). Please let the librarian know when you plan to arrive so she can be ready with tasks. Typical tasks include:

    • Cover books (possibly at home or in the library)

    • Shelve books and help organize/maintain the library collection

    • Catalog new books (prior experience with book cataloging is important; hours are flexible but ideally catalog volunteers will establish regular working hours once or twice per week)

    Book Fair Coordinator & Volunteers


    Coordinator Role OPEN


    One or two coordinators + multiple volunteers

    Collaborate with Hillview’s librarian and Books Inc to plan the book fair in mid-May. Coordinator responsibilities:

    • Work with PTO Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and organize volunteers to set up the book fair, staff registers during school hours, and take down the book fair

    • Advertise the book fair to community via newsletters and elementary school teachers

    Hot Lunch Coordinator & Volunteers


    Coordinator Role OPEN

    Volunteers Ongoing


    One coordinator + multiple volunteers


    Coordinator manages volunteer sign ups to ensure there is coverage during Hot Lunch each day. Typical tasks include:

    • Work with district employees to create and manage sign ups for daily lunch distribution

    • Communicate with staff regarding cancellations, etc


    Volunteers sign up for specific dates and attend Hillview’s single lunch period to support staff with lunch distribution. This is a flexible, quick, rewarding volunteer job. Typical tasks include:

    • Assist with set up

    • Help with handing out lunch items to students

    • Assist with clean up

    Independent Volunteer Oppurtunities


    Spirit Wear Coordinator


    Carolyn Kryger

    1 year  One coordinator

    Manage Hillview gear through the SquadLocker store. Because this volunteer role is entirely virtual, it’s a great opportunity for working parents. Coordinator responsibilities:

    • Manage new and existing store inventory online every couple weeks

    • Work with current Spirit Wear Coordinator to complete PE storefront

    • Run 20% off promos (typically one in August, one in November, and one in Spring) by working with SquadLocker and posting in PTO newsletter

    • Help coordinate 15% fundraising payout on all spirit wear by working with PTO Recording Secretary to request a payout/pass through to ASB

    • Potential to create sub stores for athletics, music, drama, etc.


    M-A/Hillview Liaison


    Marianne Badawi

     1 year

    One liaison

    Each year, M-A holds information events for incoming freshmen and their families. Events typically include Fall Info Night (held at M-A in October), M-A Info Night (held at Hillview in January), and M-A Open House (held at M-A in March). The M-A/Hillview Liaison coordinates communication between the two schools and promotes M-A’s information events. Liaison responsibilities:

    • Maintain communication with M-A staff (counseling department and secretary)

    • Use Hillview newsletter to promote info events held at M-A

    • Work with Hillview administration to plan and promote the January Info Night held at Hillview

    • Use Hillview newsletter to share reminders about upcoming M-A deadlines (eg, registration, sports packets, etc)


    Safe Routes to School Coordinator



    1 year

    One coordinator 

    Work with district parents who are passionate about safety. Ideally this volunteer uses a bike to get around town and is familiar with local bike routes. Coordinator responsibilities:

    • Put time, thought, and action into making Hillview as walkable and bikeable as possible

    • Attend quarterly meetings hosted by the City’s Safe Routes to School Coordinator

    • Meet with Hillview administration to discuss safety issues and help adopt bike safety curriculum for 6th graders

    • Introduce yourself to crossing guards and check in regularly regarding safety issues

    • Coordinate Safe Routes to School efforts with back-to-school activities

    8th Grade Events


    Graduation Party Leads


    Christine Goudey

    Sara Teeple

    March - June   Two leads

    Help plan and organize the much-anticipated grad party for the 8th grade students. Lead responsibilities include:

    • Create the vision and plan for the evening graduation party held following the ceremony

    • Form committees and organize volunteers

    Budget provided through donations from 8th grade families.





    Our robust athletics program serves close to half our student body and requires a great number of volunteers. From year-long positions to seasonal coaches to team parents, we need your support. If you’d like to join our athletics volunteer team, please contact us:


    1st Trimester - Girls’ Volleyball, Flag Football

    2nd Trimester - Girls’ Basketball, Boys’ Basketball, Cheer

    3rd Trimester - Tennis, Track & Field, Boys’ Volleyball



    Athletics Committee (All positions work closely with After-School Athletics Coordinator on Exec Board)




    After-School Athletics Coordinator

    (PTO Exec Board)

    1 year
    • Attend all meetings of PTO and Executive Board

    • Prepare monthly reports, when necessary, to be presented at the PTO Executive Board meetings

    • Administer athletics program along with a volunteer team

    • Work with Assistant Principal and/or Commissioner to assign location for each sport

    • As specified by the Presidents, act as a liaison to committee chairs, committees, or school project groups

    • Develop the program’s strategic plan and operating budget

    Sport-Specific Lead Parent 1 trimester
    • Assist with coach recruitment

    • Lead tryouts

    • Lead team formation

    • Distribute uniforms and equipment to coaches at the beginning of the season

    • Collect uniforms and equipment at the end of the season

    Positive Coaching Alliance & Compliance Coordinator 1 year
    • Ensure fingerprinting and background checks for coaches 

    • Welcome email each season educating families about the PCA philosophy

    TeamSnap Coordinator 1 year
    • Set up sport registration pages, team accounts, etc.
    Finance Coordinator 1 year
    • Track revenue and expenses

    • Ensure payment of leagues, vendors, coaches, and officials





    We proudly use your OCC donations to sponsor a number of activities throughout the year. From student welcome events to teacher appreciation activities to parent speakers and support, we strive to engage the entire Hillview community in unique and meaningful ways.


    Upcoming PTO Events:

    8/17- WEB Day 

    8/26- Welcome Back Celebration (during school day)

    9/8- PTO Executive Board meeting

    9/9- PTO Parent Coffee