Hillview Newsletter

  • Newsletter Distribution

    Starting in the Fall of 2021, Hillview Middle School Newsletter will be sent via ParentSquare on Sundays at 8am.


     Newsletter Submissions

    • The deadline to submit to the Hillview Newsletter is Wednesday at noon.
    • Submissions need to be created in a Word doc.
    • Email your submission to hvnewsletter@mpcsd.org
    • Note that submissions may be edited for content and/or length.
    • Submissions received after the deadline will be eligible for inclusion the following week.
    • Submissions are eligible to run for up to two weeks. 


    Submissions with Photos or Names of Students

    • Provide the names of the students in the photo to the administrator of the school that the student attends.
    • Request that the administrator send approval for the use of photos and student names to hvnewsletter@mpcsd.org
    • Photos need to be optimized for the web.


    Newsletter Submissions for Events not originating from Hillview staff/administration (Community News)

    • The submission deadline is Tuesday at noon.
    • Submissions are available for registered non-profits only
    • Submissions should be 2-3 sentences posted in paragraph form including any relevant web links (please check links prior to submitting)
    • Email your announcement to communitynews@mpcsd.org 


    Newsletter Archives

    To access prior editions of the newsletter, simply log into your ParentSquare account, go to the "search posts" bar at the top of the page and type in a keyword such as "newsletter." This will showcase all newsletters that were posted in your ParentSquare account.