• Hillview Parent-Teacher-Student conferences are an opportunity for teachers to meet with students and families, discuss student progress, and set goals for improvement.


    When are conferences?
    Conferences for the 2021-22 school year will be held on Tuesday, October 5 through
    Friday, October 8. Students will be on the minimum day schedule with an early release of 11:45.  


    How do I sign up for a conference?
    In the weeks leading up to conference week, teachers will reach out to the parents of students that they think will benefit from attending a conference. If you have not been contacted, you and your student are not required to attend a conference.


    What if I have not been contacted but still want to have a conference?
    With typically around 100 students in each academy, it is not possible for teachers to have a conference with every family during this time. If you haven’t been contacted by one of your child’s teachers this means that your student is not requested for a conference. If you still would like to initiate a conference, your child’s teachers will make the time to discuss their progress, pending their availability. 

    The Conference Scheduler is now closed.


    Who attends the conference?
    Both the student and a parent(s)/guardian(s) must be present. We believe that a middle school student must be involved in discussions about their progress.


    Should I be concerned that my child has been requested for a conference?
    Conferences can be requested for a number of reasons, and are designed to maintain a positive and open dialogue between your child, you, and our teaching staff. The intentions are to focus on support and solutions for your child and to ensure that all parties can engage and lend their perspectives. We encourage you to use conferences as an opportunity to promote our core skill of ownership. As much as possible, pose the questions to your child and empower them to come up with solutions that you can support.


    How will conferences be conducted this year?
    Conferences will be held in approximately 15-minute intervals via Zoom. Zoom links will be provided by your teacher(s) or you can view them here. We ask families arrive 5 minutes before their conference and join the waiting room to maintain an on-time cadence.