• Hillview conferences are an opportunity for teachers to meet with families, discuss student progress, and set goals for improvement.


    When are conferences?

    Conferences for the 2019/20 school year will be held Tuesday, October 15th through Friday, October 20th starting at 12 noon through 4pm in 10-minute increments. Students will have minimum days (11:45 dismissal) during parent conferences.


    How do I sign up for a conference?

    Teachers who think a student will benefit from attending a conference, will reach out to the parents in the weeks leading up to conference week. If you have not been contacted, you and your student are not required to attend a conference.


    What if I have not been contacted but still want to attend a conference?

    With typically around 100 students in each academy, it is not possible for teachers to sit down with every family during this time. We ask that you consider the following questions when requesting a conference time:

    • We are not concerned with grades, but we just want a quick status check
    • We just have a few questions to ask the teachers
    • We have already met with one (or all) of our academy teachers
    • We want to make sure the academy teachers know that we are involved and do everything we
      can to support our child at home

    If these statements apply to you, then an in-person conference is probably not necessary. If you still feel the need to meet with your academy teachers, the Canyon Creek Online Scheduler will open to all Hillview families on Monday, 10/7, at 11pm and will close on Monday, 10/14, at 11 pm.


    To request a conference please visit the Online Scheduler.

    You will need to know your student's Student ID or go to Student ID Lookup. For conference scheduling instructions, please click HERE. The password to the Conference Scheduler is menlopark (all lowercase, all one word).


    Who attends the conference?

    Both the student and a parent (or parents) should be present. We believe that a middle school student should be involved in discussions about their progress.


    If I don't have a conference, does my student have to attend classes that week?

    Yes, while conference days are early dismissal days that end at 11:45, students should still attend their classes.


    Should I be concerned that we have been contacted for a conference?

    While not all conferences take place because students aren't reaching their potential, many of them do, and this can be a set-up for all parties. Feelings of defensiveness and frustration can make the path forward hazy, and egos and insecurities can get in the way of fruitful dialog. For our part, empathy and the desire to create a plan that is best for your child will guide us, and we want to partner with you on solutions. 


    The conversations we have during the conferences have the potential to make positive change in the experience and learning of your child. By entering into these conversations - which can often be fraught with strong emotions - with positive presupposition and with a focus on solutions, we will have a more satisfying interaction. It may still be a hard conversation, but we won't lose sight of what is most important, and we can honor the perspectives and contributions of all participants.