Hillview Conversation Chats

  • The inaugural Hillview Conversation Chats is an opportunity for parents AND students to engage in thoughtful discussions about issues affecting our middle schoolers today.  These events are intended for parents and students of Hillview Middle School.  


    Thursday, October 15th 4:30-6pm


    Help Your Teens to Develop the Skills to Be Successful in School, College, and Life:

    A presentation by Purvi Mody, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Insight Education and Laurel parent


    Purvi Moddy, co-founder of Insight Education, helps teens and parents with both the high school and college admissions process. Purvi will lead a discussion about transitions…. In particular the transition from middle school to high school. These are challenging times, and we invite you to start that conversation here. Please RSVP to info@hillviewpto.org. Pizza and refreshments will be served.


    As demands on kids to succeed and parents to raise superstar teens increases, we are losing sight of the things that matter most in parenting – our children. Through this interactive session, parents and teens alike will learn about the skills that are necessary to be successful in middle school, high school, college admissions, college, and, most importantly, life. She will go over several tips to make the entire educational process seem less daunting and more meaningful. Purvi has been working with teens and their parents on the high school and college admissions process for more than 20 years. Her company, Insight, has a student-centered, personalized approach to help all students reach their potential and have fun along the way. They have collaborated with several schools and organizations to bring more sanity to the process. With a roadmap for the future, parents can learn how to best help their children for the challenges of school and beyond.