Hillview Conversation Chats

  • The inaugural Hillview Conversation Chats is an opportunity for parents AND students to engage in thoughtful discussions about issues affecting our middle schoolers today. These events are intended for parents and students of Hillview Middle School.


    How to Communicate with Your Middle Schooler: The Disarming Technique
    Wednesday, December 2  - 6pm
    If you missed this event, you can watch the webinar recording by clicking on the link below: 
    Come and join Jeff Gielow, MFT, in a fun and inspiring evening workshop designed for students and their parents/guardians, around learning how to effectively communicate in authentic ways. This presentation will include strategies for overcoming common pitfalls and barriers to closeness with your middle schooler that you can work on together.  Both of you will be taught radically different ways to approach disagreements, and learn to turn conflict into connection.  Practical tools will be shared around communicating with each other, followed by a Q and A session. 
    Our teens need us now more than ever! If you've been concerned about any of the following questions, this workshop is designed for you:  
     How do I elicit more than one-syllable answers from my kids when I ask them a question?
    My middle schooler stays in their room all day - should I be worried?
    How should I approach difficult or uncomfortable conversations with my middle schooler?
    Questions students may wonder about:
    How do I get parents to listen to me (i.e., get them off my back)?
    How do I get my parents to trust me?
    If you have a question for Jeff that you'd like addressed during our presentation please fill out our question form here

    Jeff Gielow is a former middle school counselor and current Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice.  Jeff enjoys working directly with teens and parents and uses evidence-based, age-appropriate, TEAM CBT, and ACT tools and skill development, to increase one's psychological flexibility, mood, and engagement in life.  Jeff provides quality high-speed treatment for mood disorders, behavioral concerns, relationship deterioration, as well as habits and addictions including procrastination and screens.  Jeff invites you to reach out to him at www.therapywithjeff.com