Course Catalog & Electives

  • The curriculum at Hillview includes elective courses outside the academies and core curriculum. Students can study subjects that deepen cultural, artistic, linguistic or practical proficiency. Students select their elective subjects in the spring for the upcoming school year. Incoming 6th graders can also learn more about Hillview and the curriculum by visiting Incoming 6th Grade Resources.


    Registration & Course Catalog


    Parent Input Form

    The Parent Input Form is intended as the primary communication between parents and Hillview counselors regarding scheduling and class placement. This is the first step in communicating information about your child. We are committed to reading every detail that parents provide on these feedback forms. Please know that we seek to accommodate concerns and hopes and work very hard to ensure a high quality, safe, and nurturing program for all children. We will do our best to accommodate individual student needs and to ensure the greatest opportunity for success. If there are any questions, your child's counselor will contact you directly.


    Please note: Hillview does not take requests for specific teachers or academies. Academy and teacher assignments are determined randomly by our student information system. If your child is served by the IEP, 504, or EL programs, please contact your case manager directly.



    All students take two electives. Many of our students choose Qu3ST as their second elective. Qu3ST is an acronym standing for Quiet Sustained and Supported Study Time, and it is a class open to all students during the 7th period (last period of the day). This important time provides students with essential academic support before the school day ends, allows them to get a jump start on homework, use extra time to complete a task or to ask questions about difficult concepts. Some students may choose to take a second elective during 7th period instead of participating in Qu3ST. This option is only recommended for independent, organized and motivated students with few conceptual struggles.


    6th Grade Wheel/Electives

    Most 6th Graders do not choose electives, but are part of the 6th Grade Wheel, spending approximately 6 weeks, or half a trimester, in each elective. Wheel electives are drama, music, character strong, art, woodshop and media literacy (these might change year to year). The six electives give 6th graders a taste of the more intensive elective offerings in 7th and 8th grades. To learn more about each elective you can review the course catalog above or visit our Incoming 6th Grade Resources page.


    Drama Program
    Hillview offers a rich drama program that starts in 6th grade with the hexmester wheel and continues through 7th and 8th grade as electives. In addition, Hillview drama has two performances during the year which include a Fall Play and Spring Musical. Over the summer Hillview drama (along with support of Menlo Atherton High School drama, Laurel drama and talented Bay Area choreographer and directors) has hosted a summer camp for 4th-8th graders. (Unfortunately, 2020 Hillview Summer Drama Camp is cancelled.) For more information on the program, performances and camp please visit Hillview Drama Program.


    Hillview Music Program

    Hillview’s robust music program starts in the 6th grade with year-long band and orchestra electives. In 7th and 8th grade, students can continue their commitment to music with year-long Band or Orchestra. For students wanting to learn a new instrument or those interested in switching from another instrument, there is 0 period beginning band and orchestra (1x/week). Students, 6th-8th, may also audition for the Hillview Jazz Band (0 period, 3x week).


    Physical Education Program

    While our Physical Education program is not considered an elective, students in 7th/8th grade can choose from courses that are outside "traditional" PE program - although the program is anything but traditional! The Physical Education Department’s most important goal is providing a learning environment to improve the health and fitness level of every student. We believe that gaining good fitness habits at a young age will create a foundation for the knowledge, motivation, and behaviors needed for a lifelong commitment to health and physical education. Hillview’s Physical Education programs include team sports, non-traditional games and dance. For more information on the PE Department, visit Physical Education.