• Philosophy & Program

    The PE Department at Hillview offers a rich PE program that focuses on a range of activities (Ball sports, new games & dance/lifestyle) with the goal of increasing motivation and engagement. The department believes that Physical Education is crucial to the development of the child in the following ways:

    • Brain development (physical, affective and cognitive growth). In this age of MRIs, we can clearly see the correlations between activity and growth. Chemical signals are enhanced 20-90 minutes after moderate to vigorous exercise.
    • Inspire an active lifestyle in adolescence that affects their growth and physical engagement into adulthood.
    • Physical literacy in developing the competence and confidence to try or do new things.
    • Apply health and fitness concepts to their circumstances.

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    Student Goals

    The department promotes a focus on student-centered learning which relies on the following techniques:

    • Replace direct instruction through structured build-up activities and active learning.
    • Promote cooperative group situations by working in small groups (4) to larger groups (16) on fitness days.
    • Develop a Depth of Knowledge (D.O.K) to go beyond a "do this" approach and integrate the reasons why.
    • Encourage peer teaching activities and opportunities.
    • Support student-initiated goals and self reliance in tracking results.

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    Physical safety is paramount, please contact your student's teacher with any concerns. Visit our Staff Directory/By Department to reach your teacher. Social, emotional safety is also essential. Please inform your student's teacher if there are any issues (note: locker rooms may have from 40 to over 100 students per period). Help your child advocate for what they need.

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    All students with be graded daily in two categories along with a Trimester grade in Citizenship/Ownership.

    • Engagement (2 points daily - 60% of grade)
      • 2 points = Demonstrated consistent productive effort in warm-ups, unit activities and block day rotations. Supports and encourages classmates at all times and is a positive contributor to the class culture.
      • 1 point = Need to be reminded of class expectations. Efforts in warm-ups and all other activities is below demonstrated abilities. Lacks consistency in positive interactions with classmates and adults.
      • 0 points = Effort level and behavior consistently below class standards. Needs multiple teacher reminders and interventions to stay on track.


    • Participation (2 points daily - 40% of grade)
      • 2 points = Wears the proper dress and shoes. Is on time. Lines up quietly in attendance or warm-up spots.
      • 1 point = Wears the proper dress and shoes. Late, tardy for attendance. Talking in line, sweatshirt/jacket covering clothes.
      • 0 points = Did not dress out.


    • Citizenship/Ownership (E,S,U)
      • Student will be graded as "E" (Excellent), "S" (Satisfactory) or "U" Unsatisfactory.

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    Injury & Illness

    The department adheres to the following policies and requirements.

    • If a student is unable to participate in 3 days or less = a parent note/email to the student's teacher is required.
    • If a student is unable to participate in 4 days or more = doctor's note, email and contact school nurse with any specific instructions. Please complete the PE Modification Form.


    If a student cannot participate in physical activity, they can still learn. We have a one-for-one policy regarding completing a daily assignment for each day they miss whether for a minor or major injury. Should their injury preclude activity for an extended period of time, the student will engage in a long-term assignment, again to keep them learning about aspects of physical health, fitness, sports, etc.


    These assignments are typically due the Friday of the week in which the inactive day(s) occurs. Completion of the assignment(s) constitutes their participation for that day's class and will be reflected in their weekly grading.


    In some instances physical rehabilitation/therapy (PT) can occur during class with the permission of the student's physician and parents. Students that are mature enough to conduct their recommended exercises, stretches, with minimal supervision can engage in non-class activities that are specifically designed to help them recover and return to 100% activity. We have several items for this purpose and it is most helpful if the therapist, doctor, or appropriate professional can send documentation describing what actions support recovery.


    Students will sign an "expectations" form to ensure they understand their personal responsibilities and accountability when doing these assignments. A key expectation, besides completing a quality assignment, is that iPad use is STRICTLY limited to working on the assignment before them.

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    Dress for PE
    The department recommends the official Hillview Physical Education attire. To purchase this attire, visit the Hillview Store. If you decide not to purchase the Hillview PE clothes, please adhere to the following dress code:

    • Shirts = solid color (grey/blue/black), no logo (bigger than 2")
    • Shorts = solid color (grey/blue/black), no logo (bigger than 2"), length must be 1" above the knee.
    • Leggings = solid color (grey/blue/black), no logo (bigger than 2")
    • Shoes = athletic shoes with tied laces. Skate shoes are not allowed.

    NOTE: For the start of the 2021-22 school year there will be no dressing out for PE.

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    Permission Slips

    Some activities require a student to participate in activities "off-campus." Any of these events/related permission slips will be posted here and/or in your teacher's assignment portal.

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