Block H

  • Block H is a recognition program that rewards Hillview students for their various contributions to the school and community. Over the course of their three years at Hillview, students earn points toward their Block H (1000+ points = Block H Award plus a field trip prize!). While the Block H is a coveted award, the true benefit of participating in the program is the development of crucial skills that create a well rounded, civic-minded, and accomplished student.


    For service activities, including self-reported community service hours outside Hillview, you earn 3 points per hour of service. For school service, there is a fixed point for certain activities. Each year ASB votes to create a price list for points earned as students "tier up" and look towards achieving the block H award.


    1000+ points = Block H Award (+ field trip prize)

    750 points = Large Prize Tier

    500 points = Medium Prize Tier

    250 points = Small Prize Tier

    100 points = Fun-Size Prize Tier


    New for the 2019-20 school year instead of student reporting their "community hours" at the end of each trimester, students will be invited to a Google Classroom where they will complete a "Journey to Block H" assignment. The assignment will ask them for a log of their activities and a short essay on their experience. This personalized log will be kept year to year to accurately reflect all service and involvement.


    For school-related activities (from dressing up for Spirit Day to serving on ASB) a staff member will scan the student's ID card or the student can speak directly with the HV Staff in charge of that activity.


    To learn more about the program and the opportunities to earn points visit Block H Requirements & Points.