Block H

  • Block H is a recognition program that rewards Hillview students for their various contributions to the school and community. Over the course of their three years at Hillview, students earn points toward their Block H (200+ points = Block H Award plus a field trip prize!). While the Block H is a coveted award, the true benefit of participating in the program is the development of crucial skills that create a well-rounded, civic-minded, and accomplished student.

    For service activities, including self-reported community service hours outside Hillview, students earn 1 point per hour of service. For school service, there is a fixed point for certain activities. Each year ASB will vote to create a "price list" for points earned as students "tier up" and look toward achieving the block H award.


    Your account balance is fully digital. To get set up, simply follow these 5 steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Click "Sign in with Google"
    3. Sign in with your MPCSD Google account
    4. Enter the Code: [LHMRZB] - Note that the code will chage every so often, so sometimes you will need to wait for the new code.
    5. Select your name from the list of students!


    (Note: If you already have an account on ClassDojo, then scroll to the bottom of and select log in. Then select add class and follow steps 4 & 5. If joining late after the deadline, October 9, 2021, please visit


    You are now in the Block H page. To see how to earn block H, visit Once you have completed an activity, to receive the points that you have earned, go to and fill out the form. Once you are done, a staff member will get the request and will approve or deny accordingly.  After 3 days, check out your points at and the points should be in your account!


    Students are on the honor system; however, please be aware that fraudulent claims of activities or points will result in your disqualification from earning a Block H.



    Below are the items you can buy with Block H. You spend your points on these items, so if you want to go to Dave & Buster's, save up! However, if you chose to buy other items and still get 200 points total, you still get the Block H Award received during graduation.


    Block H    Item

    5 -------> Buying Raffle Tickets (big raffles at Hawkapalooza, Halloween event, etc.)

    10 -----> $2 Moe’s Gift Card

    10 ------> Hillview Water Bottle 

    15 ------> Moe’s 5 Days FastTrak

    20 ------> HillviewWheel (1 spin)

    20 ------> Hillview Hoodie

    25 ------> Combo (H+WB)

    25 ------> $6 Moe’s Gift Card

    35 ------> $9 Moe’s Gift Card

    25 ------> Moe’s FastTrak 15 days

    40 ------> Hawkapalooza FastTrak (Unlimited Rides)

    45 ------> Moe’s FastTrak Unlimited Access

    60 ------> Pizza/Ice Cream + 4 friends  (1 person)

    200 -----> Dave & Buster's (150 for 7th, 100 for 8th)


    How To Buy:
    Once you have decided to buy an item, email Shawnak Shivakumar at From there, he will work with you to make sure you receive your award, and then subtract your points from ClassDojo.


    The Block H system is set up to be fair to all students, depending on when they join Hillview:

    • All three years at Hillview - 200 points
    • Two years at Hillview (7th and 8th grades) - 150 points
    • One year at Hillview (8th grade) - 100 points


    For every 100 points earned above 200, a students wil earn additional recognition, the Star Award.


    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, students currently in 8th grade for the 2021-2022 school year (the Class of 2022) will only have to reach 100. 7th graders (the class of 2023) will have to reach 150, and 6th graders will have the normal amount, 200. This is to account for the missing time lost during the pandemic, when opportunities to earn points were few.


    To fill out the Google form to submit your points, go to