• Drama Program: Fall Play



     Artwork by Lily McKeithan (7th Grade)

    Moliere's SCAPINO! is a light and silly romp that follows the escapades of the wily and street-smart servant, Scapino, as he traipses in and out of adventures, helping some and getting revenge on others. Based on the improvisational and slap-stick styles of Commedia dell'arte, this fun-filled farce should have the whole family laughing and wanting more!

  • Hillview Middle School is proud to showcase it’s fall performance, Scapino!  This year we have 9 unique casts who will hold two performances each.  To view performance dates and times and to purchase tickets, please see the schedule and links below.


    Performance Dates and Tickets
    Casts will perform back to back with an intermission in between. Times and assigned casts are below. Tickets are for each night/afternoon for both casts (with the exception of Cast C which will perform on its own).


    Tickets are now on sale for $12 per adult and $10 per student.  Purchase tickets here.

    NOTE: If you want to purchase tickets for different days, you will just need to pick a slot, add the # of tickets to cart and then go back to the "Events" tab to select another date/performance block.


    Friday, November 5

    7pm Cast A

    8:30pm Cast B

    Saturday, November 6

    7pm Cast B

    8:30pm Cast A

    Wednesday, November 10

    7pm Cast C


    Friday, November 12

    7pm Cast D

    8:30pm Cast E

    Saturday, November 13

    3pm Cast E

    4:30pm Cast D

    Saturday, November 13

    7pm Cast C


    Thursday, November 18

    7pm Cast F

    8:30pm Cast G

    Friday, November 19

    7pm Cast H

    8:30pm Cast I

    Saturday, November 20

    3pm Cast I

    4:30pm Cast H

    Saturday, November 20

    7pm Cast G

    8:30pm Cast F


    Flowers are available for purchase at the performance. No food or drink will be allowed in the Performing Arts Center (PAC). ALL AUDIENCE MEMBERS IN THE PAC  MUST BE MASKED AT ALL TIMES. No social distancing  is required of audience members. Attendance is at your own risk.




    CAST A (7th & 8th Grade)

    Scapino (Violet Yick, 8), Argante (Slone Smith, 7), Geronte (Kaia Moore, 8), Octave (Jackson Loftus, 8), Leander (Mary Engelkemier, 8), Hyacinthe (Zoe Hart, 8), Zerbinetta (Charlotte Anthony, 8), Silvester (Charlie Tobin, 7), Carle (TBA), Nerine (TBA)


    CAST B (7th & 8th Grade)

    Scapino (Lily McKeithan 7), Argante (Sophia Silver, 7), Geronte (Mia Sanchez, 8), Octave (Natalie Andeen, 8), Leander (Lia Nadav, 7), Hyacinthe (Maddie Eckert, 8), Zerbinetta (Charlotte Anthony, 8), Silvester (Rotem Haimovich, 7), Carle (TBA), Nerine (TBA) 


    CAST C (7th & 8th Grade)

    Scapino (Alexandra Jones, 7), Argante (Page Krensavage, 8), Geronte (Ashwin Raj, 8), Octave (Lila Weber, 7),  Hyacinthe (Haily Hintze, 8), Zerbinetta (Maëlys Maistre, 8), Silvester (TBA), Carle (TBA), Nerine (TBA) 


    CAST D (7th & 8th Grade)

    Scapino (Alexa Habibi, 7), Argante (Grant Bennit, 7), Octave (Piyi Papapanagiotou, 7), Leander (Tommaso Omodei,8), Hyacinthe (Caitlin Regan,7), Zerbinetta (Aria Jones, 7), Silvester (Giiulia Cassese, 7), Carle (TBA), Nerine (TBA) 


    CAST E (7th & 8th Grade)

    Scapino (Mica Podoly, 7), Argante (Grant Bennit, 7), Geronte (TBA), Octave (Mia King, 7), Leander (Tommaso Omodei,8), Hyacinthe (Andrea Valencia ,7), Zerbinetta (Maddie Mosso, 7), Silvester (Angel Deras-Sanchez, 7), Carle (TBA), Nerine (TBA)


    CAST F (6th Grade)

    Scapino (Jonathan La Cava), Geronte (Hannah Kingsley), Octave (Ines Bnsoussan), Leander (Kaden Gourley), Hyacinthe (Ahna Mulcahy), Zerbinetta (Ilaria Cline), Silvester (Jonah Wolosin), Carle (TBA), Nerine (Grace Grundy)


    CAST G (6th Grade)

    Scapino (William Khodabakchian), Argante (Eleonore Pierres), Geronte (Katelyn Madrigal), Octave (Laya Goldstein), Leander (Mariah Beim), Hyacinthe (Rumie Salhi), Zerbinetta (Anya Wheeler), Silvester (Angali Sid), Carle (Melek Ayan), Nerine (Ayala Natan)


    CAST H (6th Grade)

    Scapino (Zoe Ruth), Argante (Lucas Lara Llbaros), Geronte (TBA), Octave (Ava Paruszewski), Leander (Noam Mill), Hyacinthe (Katherine Peterson), Zerbinetta (Gracie Bullard), Silvester (Gloria Dal Busco), Carle (Raphael Ferrand), Nerine (Paloma Szollar)


    CAST I (6th Grade)

    Scapino (Raya Sial), Argante (Charlize Pellet), Geronte (Luna Ye), Octave (Adeline Stewart), Leander (Noam Mill), Hyacinthe (Farah Ghajar), Zerbinetta (Nadia Moehler), Silvester (Ayaan Bhatnagar), Carle (Maya Feodorov), Nerine (Liz Baker)