Drama Program

  • The Drama Department at Hillview offers courses for students interested in the dramatic arts from 6th-8th grade. In addition to the course offerings, the department also showcases the talents of Hillview students in our after-school programs that include the Fall Play and Spring Musical. Hillview drama also has a rich Summer Drama Program. Unfortunately, the Summer Drama program has been cancelled for 2020.


    Here are the class descriptions for the drama program:


    Drama 6 Wheel - 6th Graders Only - This class is full of drama games and activities. We also explore acting through the use of student and professionally written monologues. Drama 6 is a wonderful opportunity to move around during the school day and get to know your classmates through the storytelling styles of drama.


    Improvisation - 7th and 8th Graders Only - All improv, all of the time. In this class you will be challenged to create scenes, skits and more -- all on the spot. You’ll learn improv techniques and practice them in order get the audience to ooh and ahh, laugh and cry. We’ll even create our own games toward the end of the trimester. A great class for stretching the boundaries of humor and story-telling and having fun.


    Drama 7 and 8 - 7th and 8th Graders Only - We’ll write scenes, act scenes, work on monologues and play lots of drama and improv games. A fun class with minimal homework. If we have time, we’ll dive into theatre design: costumes, sets, lights, makeup and sound. Drama gives you a chance to get out of your seat and learn to communicate and tell stories in a different way. This is a fun class, especially if you like to perform, but there is still plenty to do if you are an introvert. Come and take the drama challenge!

    Speech and Debate - 7th and 8th Graders Only - We’ll learn about the techniques involved in presenting information to an audience by giving speeches. We’ll focus on developing good form through vocals, intonation, body language, gestures, and more. And we’ll also focus on developing good content, through curiosity, research, organization, logic, impact and more. We will give four speeches in this class. We also spend more than half of our class time on debate. We practice this by doing! We have lots of debates. Some are ridiculous, like “Halloween is superior to Thanksgiving”, some are intense like “assault weapons should be banned”. You can expect to debate weekly, at least. In this class, students who love to argue get to do it a lot and, hopefully, learn to do it well! Speech and debate will get you communicating to an audience in lots of different ways!