Drama Program

  • The Drama Department at Hillview offers courses for students interested in the dramatic arts from 6th-8th grade. In addition to the course offerings, the department also showcases the talents of Hillview students in our after-school programs that include the Fall Play and Spring Musical. Hillview drama also has a rich Summer Drama Program. Unfortunately, the Summer Drama program has been cancelled for 2020.


    Here are the class descriptions for the drama program electives offered in 2020-21


    Drama 6  - 6th Graders Only - In this class we will explore storytelling through the art form of drama. We will explore many of the different forms of drama that are a regular part of our lives, for example, tv, movies, plays and musicals. We will create our own monologues, and we will play improvisation games and drama activities over Zoom to keep our class lively and fun!


    Drama 8 - 8th Graders Only - In this class we will explore storytelling through the the art and craft of drama. We will briefly explore the history of drama, focussing especially, if briefly, on Shakespeare. We will explore the skill of aesthetic valuing and develop rubrics that help us build informed opinions about what is "good" drama. And, we will explore creating our own works of drama using technology in a creative way. We will use games and activities over Zoom when possible to make our class fun and engaging!