Incoming 6th Grade Resources

  • Hillview Middle School is offering a number of opportunities for our incoming 6th grade families to engage and learn about the middle school experience. For general information on 2020-21 reopening please visit Back to School.


    Additional Materials Pick Up
    On Tuesday, September 1 from 1-4 you can pick up additional materials at the bookroom at the back of school. Teachers should be communicating to students if they have materials to be picked up.  If you aren't sure, please email your teachers for class specifics. All students must bring a copy of their current schedule. Materials provided include: Math textbooks & workbooks, novels for English, Spanish textbooks, art materials for Ms. Kogan's classes & Music materials.  We ask that you review, print and sign the last page of the Hillview iPad Handbook and the new Student and Parent Hybrid and Distance Learning Handbook and physically turn these forms if you haven't done so already.


    6th Grade Parent Orientation - Monday, August 17

    Monday, August 17: 6th Grade Family Orientation via Zoom 

    - To watch the recording of the orientation please visit 6th Grade Orientation
    - To see the presentation please visit 6th Grade Family Orientation Presentation

    Virtual W.E.B. Day - Wednesday, August 19

    On Wednesday, August 19, from 9am-12pm, our WEB (WHere Everybody Belongs) team is leading orientation via Zoom.  All students are recommended to attend. In addition to orientation, the WEB team will have a number of activities to help introduce 6th grade students to the school, students, and culture throughout the start of the year. 


    First Days of School - Thursday, August 20 & Friday, August 21

    In order ensure our students our students are as successful as possible this new school year, we will be taking the first two days of the 2020-21 school year to get all our students as acquainted as possible with our new procedures, technologies and expectations.