Incoming 6th Grade Resources

  • During our shelter-in-place order and distance learning program, Hillview is offering a number of "virtual" opportunities for prospective students transitioning from elementary to middle school so that we can better inform our incoming families about the campus culture, core and elective course offerings, and other programs.


    Parent Information Nights

    Hillview is hosting 3 Zoom meetings for each Elementary School in the district to give parents and students an overview of the academic opportunities, how technology is used at Hillview, as well as the roles of your administration. Email invitations were sent to the parents of prospective students and each meeting will be recorded and hosted here once they are available. A pdf of the slide presentation can be found HERE.

    Transition Resources

    As part of the information nights, teachers pre recorded an explanation and overview of their departments and classes. To see these presentations click on the appropriate links below.


    6th Grade Core Courses




    Course Selection/Registration

    6th Grade course catalogs and registration will be available in early May. Visit Course Catalog & Electives for 2020-21 Information on course offerings and how to register for electives.  


    Feedback Form

    Parent Feedback Form allows you to communicate information about your child to next year's 6th grade counselor, Kellie Raczkowski. Completing this form is optional. We will also be using input from your child's 5th grade teacher to inform placement. Please review the form and provide additional context as needed.


    W.E.B. - Where Everybody Belongs
    6th grade students starting Hillview in the fall will take part in W.E.B. Day - "Where Everybody Belongs." W.E.B. Day is the day before school starts (tentatively scheduled for August 19, 2020). 6th graders and the 8th grade student W.E.B. leaders have the campus to themselves as they learn where their classes are, where they can eat lunch, and all of the other fun details that make middle school such a special time. Lunch is provided and the 6th graders will receive their schedules at the end of the day. Given the uncertainty of Fall, we will continue to update parents with any changes to this program.