• Yearbook Orders

    2020-21 Yearbooks are available this year and the dealine to order has been extended to Friday, March 5th. The cost is $45.00 per book. For an additional $10.00, you can have your book shipped direct to your home. Order a Yearbook today and use Hillview Number 10070.


    Add Your Photos to the Yearbook!

    To make this year’s yearbook “full of fun”, we want our students to share photos of themselves based on the topics listed in the flyer. If this sounds like something your child would like to do, ask them to choose from 2 to 3 topics (max) and submit those pictures. The yearbook staff will include at least one image of every student who submits a picture, so have fun with it!  The current campaign photos are due Monday March 15. To submit your pictures, go to and use the code hillviewmiddle21. Hope to see you in the yearbook!



    Yearbook 8th Grade Baby Pictures

    8th graders ONLY. Send us your cute baby pictures for a special 8th grade tribute. Submit your 8th graders baby picture by going to Use code hillviewmiddle21. For more information see our flyer.  Deadling has been extended to Friday, March 5th.



    Yearbook Student Congratulatory Ads

    Thank you to those of you who purchased congratulatory ads for your student.  We are no longer accepting ad purchases.