Questions about Special Education & Vulnerable Students

  • Q: What accommodations will be made for students with 504 Accommodation Plans and Individual Education Plans ?

    A: MPCSD's Student Services department is part of the C19 Team and every effort is being made to accommodate all students with disabilities. We acknowledge and recognize the importance of meeting the needs of our most vulnerable learners. Special Educators and Case managers will work to support students' individual needs. Students in the Learning Center AIMS Program are considered most vulnerable learners and their schooling experience will include attendance at school daily. This means instead of attending school every other week, students will attend school both weeks A/B in the Learning Center. Likely these classes will operate as a consistent and stable cohort of 12 students, teachers, and paraprofessionals. However, this may change due to specific health orders. Plans will be communicated to students' families as soon as possible.


    To assist with the teaching and learning of phonetics in the lower grades and with certain populations and increase social-emotional connections, clear panel masks will be provided to each DHOH student, staff member who works with those students, Spanish Immersion staff member, each SLP, each EL teacher, and each kinder and first grade teacher.

    Parents may choose to purchase clear panel masks for their children to wear at school. Clear panel masks can be found on Etsy, Amazon or from private retailers like Fun and Function.



    Q: Who are MPCSD’s most vulnerable students and how will they be provided for?

    A: MPCSD considers its most vulnerable learners (MVL) to be students from families considered “low income;” homeless and foster youth; students learning English as a second language; students with IEPs whose services cannot effectively be met in blended learning (includes but not limited to moderate/severe and medically fragile); students not within one grade level of their current grade in reading, writing, and/or math.


    Specific needs of these students will be met with interventionists, specialized services in person or virtually, individualized “at-home” programming, and potential additional time on campus with classroom teachers and/or special services. Families of these students will receive direct communication from MPCSD’s Student Services department regarding their student(s)’ needs and plans to meet them.


    Students whose IEPs are designated moderate to severe are attending in-person instruction as of September 8, 2020 under guidance from the CDPH for bringing back most vulnerable learners.