Questions about Child Care

  • Q: What resources will be available for parents who have to work full time and do not have childcare for their children? 

    A: The Board and Superintendent are committed to making childcare solutions a top priority. It’s important to note that ANY option, short of bringing all students back to school full time, which is impossible under the county’s Framework, would involve time away from school when students would normally be in school. Below is a preview of what is being considered, but nothing is confirmed. 

    • Some specialized programs will be allowed to operate every week. Due to the unique staffing nature of the Early Learning Center and some self-contained Special Education programs, such as AIMS at Encinal and Hillview, we are able to offer these programs every week for the same students. 
    • Due to MPCSD’s commitment to equity and the San Mateo County Framework’s expectation that planning be built around those students with the “most urgent learning needs,” MPCSD will design some academic programs for students who require additional support on the off-weeks. Doing so will be contingent on health orders at the time of implementation, but we will plan for support of our most academically vulnerable students. 
    • MPCSD has already begun planning with our valued after-school care provider, Newton Center Inc. It is our expectation that Newton will be able to offer fee-based child care for all families who do not have child care availability at home. Fee-reduction and scholarships will be available for families that qualify. 
    • We will be working with parents at the site level to envision and realize child care sharing options in our neighborhoods through our extensive volunteer networks. 
    • MPCSD is discussing models and pursuing partnerships with community organizations that would offer child care and academic programs on off-weeks for our families who live in East Palo Alto and Belle Haven within their communities.


    One need we have identified as we pursue child care options is the physical space. All MPCSD schools are at capacity in enrollment, thus we will very likely need additional spaces to offer child care options. If you know of churches or other community-based facilities that may be interested in offering space to the district at a low cost for childcare, please email