Questions about Child Care

  • Q. Who are MPCSD's child care providers during the district's COVID response?

    A. MPCSD has partnered with two local child care and camp vendors, Newton Center, Inc. and GrowFit. (The vendor websites as linked here are their general websites for your information; if you register for MPCSD partner child care, you will receive a customized MPCSD link.) Newton is MPCSD's usual partner for afterschool care during normal times. GrowFit is a trusted camp program that operated out of the SportsHouse in Redwood City. While MPCSD has facilitated these partnerships to offer care exclusively to MPCSD families at schedules that complement our school hours, families that register their children with Newton of GrowFit will be entering into a relationship with the provider separate from MPCSD. MPCSD is not directly providing the care.


    Q. How can MPCSD offer child care when it is not open to in-person school?

    A. Child care and school are regulated in different ways by the state and county and are subject to different orders. While schools are not allowed to open in person while their county is on the state's COVID Monitoring List (as San Mateo County currently is) except with a waiver, child care programs are allowed to operate to provide this essential in-person service. Child care providers are subject to strict health and safety guidelines which our partners are following.


    Q. What child care is provided at which campuses?

    A. Newton Center will provide education-based child care at Laurel and Oak Knoll campuses for any MPCSD student in grades kindergarten through fifth. GrowFit  will provide education-based child care at Encinal campus for any MPCSD student in grades kindergarten through fifth.

    MPCSD encourages families to consider enrolling their child in the child care program at their school site for ease of transition into Hybrid; however, at this time, both programs are available to any MPCSD elementary student regardless of home school.


    Q. Who should I contact if I have questions about my child care needs, financial aid, or exceptions to the child care offer? 

    A. You may contact MPCSD's Public Information Officer


    Q. Who should I contact if I have questions about the actual child care services? 

    Contact the vendor directly. If Newton, please contact If GrowFit, please contact


    Q. What health safety precautions are child care vendors taking during this time? 

    A. Each vendor’s website details specific steps they plan to take regarding health and safety. Students will be organized in groups of 12-16 (based on space size) with social distancing, required to wear face masks, and expected to regularly wash hands. Students will be organized by grade level to the extent possible to assist in supporting the academic supervision.


    Q. What support will be provided for Distance Learning? 

    A. Both child care vendors will train and support staff in providing adequate academic supervision of students during Distance Learning. Clear expectations will be communicated and reinforced, as well as positive encouragement and technical assistance. 


    Q. Will vendors continue to provide child care for the At-Home Week when MPCSD is cleared to return in Hybrid Blended Learning? 

    A. Yes. 


    Q. What should I do if I need financial assistance?

    A. Register with the vendor and click here to apply for Financial Assistance. Without a completed application you will be required to pay the full cost of child care. Also, please note:
    • An application does not guarantee available funds. 

    • Financial assistance resources are significantly limited. First priority will go to families who qualify for the National Free and Reduced Lunch. 

    • Families requesting Financial Aid will be required to share some personal information as available levels of aid will be determined by an income formula. All information will be kept confidential. 

    • All families will be asked to pay a portion of the cost based on the family income formula. An MPCSD staff member will contact you directly with confirmation of financial aid. 


    Additionally, we encourage parents seeking financial assistance to contact San Mateo 4Cs by clicking here or calling (650) 517-1460 to see whether you may be eligible for local, state or federal child care subsidies.


    Q. Will lunch be provided?

    A. No. Families are required to send their children with their own lunches. Families who qualify or wish to establish eligibility for free and reduced price meals should contact Debi Rice at If your children receive free/reduced lunches, the meals for the week will continue to be delivered to your home on Mondays during distance learning and for the "at-home" weeks of Hybrid blended learning, when/if MPCSD opens for Hybrid blended learning.


    Q. Can my child begin attending mid-year? 

    A. Vendors may be able to add children mid-way through the year, based on availability. Please contact your vendor for further information.


    Q. Can my child attend more than one child care program?

    A. No. Children may only participate in Newton or GrowFit if they are not also participating in any other child care programs. Participation of at least 3 consecutive weeks is required.


    Q. Will MPCSD provide after school programs this year? 

    A. In an effort to control the spread of COVID-19, until further notice, MPCSD will not open its facilities for afterschool programming. Both child care partners do have extended day options available for families who require. Newton will not be providing a separate after school care program in MPCSD this fall. Check you school's website for virtual and limited on-campus after school activities that may be offered.