Questions about Sports (including PE), After-school Programs & Facility Usage

  • Q: Will schools have in-person PE or school-based sports teams?

    A: PE at School: If and when PE is taught in person, it will be without mixing class cohorts or using shared equipment between cohorts. PE may also be taught in distance learning, with a mix of interaction between PE teachers and students and recreation activities assigned for students to complete on their own time or during an assigned work block.


    School-sponsored After-school Sports: After-school sports are on hold until further notice. 


    Q: Will there be after-school programming?

    A: In-person after-school programs are on hold until further notice. MPCSD will host childcare on its campuses after school, in accordance with health guidelines.


    Some after-school programs may be available remotely, including from some of MPCSD’s usual program providers. Please check your school’s website for more information on remote programs available.


    Q: Will outside companies be using MPCSD facilities?

    A: MPCSD will assess requests from outside companies to rent our facilities on a case-by-case basis. Any company that uses MPCSD facilities will do so within the health guidelines of the Pandemic Recovery Framework. Companies that rent MPCSD facilities will pay for extra cleaning staff to meet the health guidelines.