Questions about Substitute Teachers, Student Absences & New Student Enrollment

  • Q: How will MPCSD handle substitute teachers to limit exposure to the greatest degree possible?

    A: More details are forthcoming. What we know for now is that:

    • MPCSD will prioritize substitutes from its internal sub pool, over substitutes from outside companies.
    • All substitutes will adhere to the face covering and physical distancing requirements.
    • All substitutes will receive training in district health and safety procedures.
    • Careful records will be kept around which cohorts each substitute has had contact with.


    Q: How will new students be added to the existing cohorts?

    A: MPCSD has an obligation to educate all students who live within its boundaries, starting at whatever time a student moves in. Every effort will be made to integrate a student into in-person learning in the safest, most supportive way possible. Principals will take the lead on ensuring this can occur. New enrolling families will also have the option to choose 100% distance learning.


    Q: How will MPCSD handle family travel-related absences? 

    A: Schools cannot limit or control the travel of any family; travel restrictions are the responsibility of the state and federal governments. However, MPCSD will take the proper and legal precautions to ensure the health and safety of its students and staff. MPCSD will refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention travel guidelines, which suggest that anyone returning from international travel stay home and monitor their health for 14 days.