Questions about Logistics (Transportation, Arrival/Dismissal, Recess/Lunch)

  • Q: Will there be MPCSD-provided transportation?

    A: A final decision about our busing options has not yet been made. However, due to the physical distancing requirements even within school buses, it is unlikely we will operate our usual fee-based school bus service.


    Families are encouraged to walk and bike to school when possible.


    MPCSD busing will run for students enrolled in the Tinsley Voluntary Transfer program.


    Q: What are the health and safety protocols on MPCSD buses?

    A: Temperature checks will be conducted prior to students boarding buses. Physical distancing (except between siblings) and face coverings will be required on buses. District vehicles will be cleaned and disinfected per the CDC’s guidance for bus transit operators. Drivers will be provided disinfectant wipes and disposable gloves to support disinfection of frequently touched surfaces during the day. Buses will be disinfected 2x/day.


    Q: Will SamTrans provide busing?

    A: SamTrans will likely not be available/efficient. 40-foot buses are limited to 8-10 passengers (as of June 10 publication of PRF).


    Q: What will arrival and dismissal look like?

    A: Families should consult their individual school guidelines for start/end times and drop-off/pick-up procedures. 

    Campuses will utilize multiple entrance/exit points to minimize crowds entering/leaving campus.


    Q: What will recess be like?

    A: Recess times will be staggered to limit numbers of students outside at once; specific schedules are site determined. Snacks will be eaten outside the classroom, weather and air quality permitting, in an assigned area by cohort. There may be specific, rotating assignments on the field/grounds for each stable cohort. Recess equipment will be shared only within stable cohorts. Play structures will be available by assigned groups with physical distancing; students must wash hands before and after use. Physical distancing guidelines apply during recess, too.


    Q: What will lunch be like?

    Lunch times will be staggered to limit numbers of students outside at once; specific schedules are site determined. Lunch will be eaten outside the classroom in designated areas with sitting areas marked to maintain physical distance. 


    Q: Will there be “hot lunch” available for purchase?

    A: “Hot Lunch” services will continue to be provided by the District’s vendor partner, The Lunch Master. Parents may continue to order lunch for their students; however, options will be significantly limited and not require heating. The lunch program will remain limited until such time as it is safe for volunteers to return to campus and distribute “hot lunch” options. Lunches will be prepackaged and delivered to the students’ classroom prior to lunch recess.