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    As we move into the hybrid-in-person model for teaching for many of our students, this page is designed to help navigate the on-campus experience and expectations of our returning students. 



    Grade Level Orientations
    Families will have Zoom orientations per grade level throughout October.  We recommend ALL families attend these orientations as we will be covering safety and health measures in place in addition to schedule cadence. If you cannot make the parent session(s) we will record and host the link below.


    • 6th Grade Parents October 12, 4:30-5:45  View the recorded session here
    • 6th Grade Students October 16, 2:00-3:00 View the recored session here (use passcode: 9^Jv803a). View the presentation here.


    • 7th & 8th Grade Parents October 26  5:00 - 6:15  View the recorded session here.
    • 7th & 8th Grade Students October 30  2:00-3:00 View the recorded session here (use passcode: h6=1*MCj). View the presentation here.



    Learning Model Change Requests 
    With the Board's decision on October 1 to reopen in Hybrid mode, families have been reaching out and making requests to change from Hybrid to Distance or vice versa, and we have placed everyone who has communicated a desire to change on a wait list. We wish to remind families that Hillview is following the guidelines outlined in the MPCSD Reopening Plan, which is that changes from one program to the other will take place at the transition from Trimester 1 to 2, and then only to the degree that we have the capacity to do so. Trimester 1 ends on Friday, November 13, and Trimester 2 begins on Monday, November 16. Here is how our process will work:


    • The deadline to submit requests to change from one program to another (Hybrid to Distance, or Distance to Hybrid) is Friday, October 23.
    • We will communicate to families about whether we can grant the request by Friday, October 30 
    • Any changes in program will be effective as of Monday, November 16
    • We will not be able to accommodate all requests, and granting a request will likely result in a change in academy placement.

    Please note that our counselors coordinate all scheduling, and any program change requests should be directed to them. As a reminder, our counselors and their contact information is as follows:

    • 6th Grade - Kellie Raczkowski here
    • 7th Grade - Christina Johnson here
    • 8th Grade - Robyn Watts here



    Return-to-Campus Dates for Hybrid-Blended Students
    In order to move into hybrid-blended learning, we are staggering the cadence of return by grade level.  Here are the start dates for each grade and color for a student’s in-person week.


    Monday, October 19 - 6th Grade (Blue

    Monday, October 26 - 6th Grade (Gold)

    Monday, November 2 - 7th Grade (Blue)

    Monday, November 9 - 7th Grade (Gold)

    Monday, November 2 - 8th Grade (Blue)

    Monday, November 9 - 8th Grade (Gold)


    On Friday, October 16, 6th grade teachers have the option to assign asynchronous work as they prepare to return to the classroom the following week. Teachers will inform their students if work on this date will be synchronous or asynchronous. 


    On Friday, October 30, 7th and 8th grade teachers have the option to assign asynchronous work as they prepare to return to the classroom the following week. Teachers will inform their students if work on this date will be synchronous or asynchronous.

    In-Person/At-Home Grade-Level Staggered Schedules 
    To best manage arrivals, passing periods, brunch, lunch and departure times each grade level will have a unique schedule with staggered arrival times.  Please refer to your arrival times below. Click on a link for a printable schedule you can also visit School Hours & Schedules to see all the schedules for in-person learning. Distance-Learning-By-Choice will follow the distance learning schedule every week.


    In-Person: 6th Grade Arrival/Departure Times
    Arrival time: 8:10-8:25 and Departure is 2:00 (M,T,F) and 1:40 (W,Th)
    6th Grade In-Person/At-Home Schedules


    In-Person: 7th Grade Arrival/Departure Times
    Arrival time: 8:45-9:00 and Departure is 2:35 (M,T,F) and 2:15 (W,Th)
    7th Grade In-Person/At-Home Schedules


    In Person: 8th Grade Arrival/Departure Times
    Arrival time: 9:10-9:25 and Departure is 3:00 (M,T,F) and 2:40 (W,Th)
    8th Grade In-Person/At-Home Schedules


    The cadence of classes will be different for a student’s in-person week than the schedule a student had during distance learning -  in addition to having a SMART period.  


    ParentSquare and Daily Health Screening
    The school district has mandated that all families use a health screening form which needs to be completed everyday by a parent or guardian prior to a student coming on campus within an app called ParentSquare.  If you have an elementary student, you will already have access to your student’s account.  If you have not used ParentSquare you will need to sign up by downloading the app on your mobile device or visiting https://www.parentsquare.com/signin


    • Parents need to log into ParentSquare and complete the health questionnaire BEFORE their student arrives on campus.  Parents, not students, are required to fill this out using the ParentSquare app or browser version.  
    • For the first week back for each grade level, we will be reminding students and calling parents to get to this important health screening.
    • After the first in-person week, once a student is on-campus, administration will review the submissions of those students who are marked “present” on campus. If a student’s health screener is not submitted or is flagged as “not recommended to come to campus” that student will be removed from his/her period 1 class and parents will be contacted.


    For more information visit ParentSquare Health Screener


    Campus Arrival Procedures  

    Step 1: Parents need to fill out ParentSquare health screen before their student arrives at school every morning


    Step 2: Along with the staggered arrival schedule, students will arrive at a designated entry point based on their Cohort # and Academy.  Each family will receive an email with the information identifying which cohort their child is in.  The designation and arrival page is linked here. If students or families are confused about where each entrance point is, please view the map.  When students arrive, they should already be masked. Masking does not happen once one enters the gate, but also on campus outside the gates.


    Step 3: When masked students make their way up to their designated entrance zone, they will wait to have their temperatures taken in a physically distanced manner. Students will also be asked at that point whether or not their parents have completed the ParentSquare screener. All students and parents will need to complete the screener every day in order for students to participate in the school day. 


    Step 4: Once on campus, students will report directly to their Launch/1st Period class, as the entire schedule has been staggered to accommodate different start and end times for all grade levels. If the classroom is not yet open, students will wait on the painted blue circles outside the door.


    Getting to school:  Parents who are dropping off students should still use the dropoff circle. From there, students can walk across the basketball courts to their designated entrance point if it’s not the front gate. For students taking SamTrans, only the 83 bus will be running this year (note: for the 83 bus, the pick up times from Hillview are: M,T,F (3:15pm) and W,Th (2:55pm).  See the previously linked routes for information on those timetables. For those riding their bikes, with only half of the school attending during any week, bikes should be locked individually, with a slot in between each bike so that they’re not next to one another. Students should practice 6-foot social distancing while parking and locking bicycles.


    *Note that students may depart campus through any of these gates keeping socially distanced.


    Arrangements for Sibling Drop Off/Pick Up

    We understand that with the staggered schedules, some families with students in different grades may have logistical issues. While the safest practice is to bring your students during the scheduled arrival window, if this is not possible, we have a plan. Please see below for different sibling combinations and our request:


    • Families with siblings in 6th and 7th grades should have their children arrive at about 8:20, the tail end of the 6th grade drop off window. 
    • Families with 7th and 8th grade siblings should have their children arrive at about 8:55, the tail end of the 7th grade drop off window.
    • Families with siblings in 6th and 8th grades or in all three grades should have their children arrive at about 8:20, the tail end of the 6th grade drop off window.  


    For those older students arriving at the time of their younger sibling, they will (a) arrive with their sibling through their sibling’s assigned entrance point and (b) proceed directly to the B pod grass area where they can wait at tables until their period 1 time begins.  During this time students will be supervised.  For those younger students who get out earlier than a sibling, they can also wait at the B pod grass area, under supervision, until their older sibling is released and can depart campus together if being picked up together. Otherwise, they can leave separately.


    Reporting Absences: Late Arrival / Early Departure
    Families will continue to report absences regardless of whether a student is in-person or distance learning via Safe Arrival/School Messenger.  If a student also has a planned late arrival or early departure they will also need to report via this app.  For more information visit: Report an Absence


    If students arrive late to school (unexcused), they need to check in to the front office, where students will have their temperatures taken and provided a pass to class (upon passing the temperature check and assuming that the ParentSquare health screener has been completed). Students will not be allowed into class without an official pass from the front office and should use School Messenger/Safe Arrival to report a planned late arrival or early departure in order to obtain one. If a student has a late arrival planned, he/she should still check into the front office for his/her temperature check and official pass. Those leaving early should communicate with both the teacher and front office of the time of departure. This can be done through written note or email, but teachers and front office staff must have prior notification.


    Campus Flow and Movement

    Students will be moving from class to class, and teachers will be disinfecting between class periods. To maintain social distancing especially moving from class to class, Hillview has designed specific movement patterns throughout campus as defined by this map and by stickers on the ground.  Note that all stairwells will be one-way only and clear signage will be displayed.


    To see the flow around campus visit campus flow plan.


    Bathroom Assignments & Water Fountains

    All cohorts have been designated specific bathroom assignments. We recommend all students use the bathroom PRIOR to arriving on campus to cut down on bathroom use. Only two students may use a bathroom at one time. Bathrooms will be cleaned two times per each school day (and once at night after all students and staff have left), based on our school’s bell schedule and when students are least likely to be using the bathrooms. To ensure the least amount of shared facilities, students will need to bring their own filled water bottles as all water fountains are not permitted for use. Students may refill water bottles at classroom sinks with teacher permission.

    Brunch/Lunch In-Person

    Brunch and lunch will look very differently from previous years. During brunch and lunch this year, teachers will walk cohorts out to their specific zone in the quad (the field and courts will only be used by PE classes). Cohorts cannot mix with other cohorts or share food or equipment during this time. As always, the four pillars must be maintained during this time period, especially when it comes to hand washing and physical distancing. Masks can be removed while eating food, but must be put back on afterwards.  Students will not leave their designated area until the brunch/lunch period is over. Staff will be supervising the area. If a student forgets his/her lunch parents may drop it off at the front of campus prior to their lunch period clearly labeled with their name, academy name and cohort #.


    In-Class Protocols/Expectations

    • School supplies cannot be shared unless disinfected in between uses.
    • Students will remain 6 feet apart through physically distanced desks while in the classroom and must keep their masks on.
    • If students need a mask break, they can ask the teacher to step outside and away from others to take a quick mask break.
    • Before beginning all classes, students will clean their hands, preferably with soap and water.
    • Because of physical distancing requirements, all teachers will have to remain 6 feet away from students, limiting the types of interactions they can have when instructing and supporting students.
    • Backpacks and personal belongings must remain under student desks.
    • Students who do not wear their masks properly and are not wearing the proper mask will not be allowed to participate in the school day until they ensure compliance with the San Mateo County’s Four Pillars.



    In-Person PE Classes

    Cohorts with PE during their in-person learning week will not be changing for PE. These cohorts will meet their PE teachers at each teacher’s designated meeting point, but we want all students to know that they should dress appropriately for physical activity. This means coming to school in sneakers (or bringing a pair in their back back) and clothes that will allow for more movement, e.g. t-shirts, shorts, leggings etc.


    Student/Staff Health Screening 

    For all MPCSD schools there is a triage for students and staff related to testing & temperature checks prior to entering campus.   Please review the flowchart here.


    All Hillview staff are required to be COVID tested weekly. In addition, MPCSD is hosting weekly testing events on the Hillview campus. Families are strongly encouraged, but not required, to have students and themselves tested on the weekend prior to an in-person week. Tests on Thursday and Friday should get results by the weekend, in time to alert families to a positive student test.


    Positive Case Levels and Protocols

    The district has very specific guidelines about positive cases (or assumed positive cases) in their COVID one pagers, but in order for these safety protocols to be more effective, safety expectations should also be met outside of school. This means giving up sleepovers, after-school hangouts, and weekend trips with other families until it is safe to do so again.


    Here are two important tables  (Table 1: Responding to Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 Cases and Close Contacts to Known COVID-19 Cases / Table 2: Responding to Negative COVID-19 Test Results) that outline protocols if positive cases occur.


    A commonly asked question is, “If a student tests positive, what effect does that have on the other students in the stable cohort? What about the rest of the academy?” Practically speaking, if a single student in a cohort tests positive, the result will be that the entire academy will need to transition to Distance Learning. Here’s why: That single student also would have come into contact with all 4 teachers who serve the academy during the in-person week. Those teachers would also need to quarantine, and the likelihood of having four guest teachers be able to carry out the lesson plans and all our protocols, much less be available, is unlikely. By having the academy transition to DL, we can maintain the highest quality teaching and learning, despite the fact that we are not on campus in person. Keep in mind that the effect of this in one in-person week would carry over to the other in-person week, so both BLUE and GOLD students would be impacted.


    Our most important risk mitigation tools are our health and safety protocols. You may refer to them within our Reopening Plan (see the Health & Safety Practices section) or on our FAQ website under “Health & Safety” and “Testing & Contact Tracing” sections. You may also read the San Mateo County Pandemic Recovery Framework.


    MPCSD has summarized the most important information for you in easy to read one-pagers. The topics covered are Case Notification Protocol, Returning to School after illness or a COVID test, Health Screening and Testing, Cleaning Schedule for campus spaces, and Risk Mitigation. Please read these pages prior to returning to school on your designated Monday.


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