Oak Knoll's Learner Profile

  • Oak Knoll's Learner Profile is an extension to further define our school mission, Every Student an Exemplary Scholar, a Valued Friend, and a Courageous Citizen.  The Learner Profile was developed by Oak Knoll teachers in conjunction with the Teaching Tolerance standards.  Today, we see evidence of our Learner Profile being developed in our students, used by our teachers, and alive in our classrooms.  Click below to see just a few examples of our learner profile.

  • Our Learner Profile 


    Exemplary Scholar

    Valued Friend

    Courageous Citizen

    Critical Thinking: Newsletter Feature 10/16/2020

    I can solve complex problems. 

    • Ask on topic questions to understand problems
    • Seek and consider different perspectives
    • Judge the credibility of sources
    • Notice and explain different solutions 
    • Apply thinking skills to new and challenging tasks




    Creativity - Newsletter Feature 11/6/2020

    I can use my imagination to generate ideas and solutions.

    • Ask questions about the world around me
    • Generate and evaluate multiple solutions and strategies
    • Improve ideas by testing, collecting feedback
    • See challenges and problems as opportunities to be creative




    Growth Mindset - Newsletter Feature 9/7/2020

    I believe hard work will help me learn and grow.

    • Understand that people are not born smart and that hard work and perseverance help people achieve their goals
    • Be willing to make mistakes and learn from them
    • Persist when things are challenging and less enjoyable
    • Identify emotions when faced with challenges and strategies to keep learning
    • Seek opportunities for challenge and improvement





    Self-Reflection  - Newsletter Feature 9/11/2020

    I know myself.

    • Identify and communicate emotions
    • Use strategies to work through challenging emotions
    • Identify strengths,  interests, and areas of growth and then build from them
    • Know family history, culture, and various personal identities
    • Understand and explain their impact on others


    Compassion - Newsletter Feature 11/13/2020

    I care about myself and others.

    • Actively listen 
    • Build relationships with peers and adults
    • Build an extensive vocabulary of emotions
    • Have empathy and ask questions to understand other perspectives 
    • Take action to help others


    Collaboration- Newsletter Feature 9/18/2020

    I can work with others to make great things happen. 


    • Set collective goals/norms with a group
    • Do my part to contribute to the group
    • Respect other opinions even when different from my own
    • Resolve conflicts in a group 
    • Seek out and work with people who are different than me




    Agency - Newsletter Feature 1/8/2021

    My voice matters. 


    • Share ideas and opinions with others 
    • Speak up for myself and others, even when it's hard 
    • Explore passions and interests
    • Make intentional choices to advance learning



    Resourceful - Newsletter Feature 10/9/2020

    I can find the support I need to achieve my goals.


    • Notice and use the resources available
    • Ask questions when I don’t understand
    • Ask for help and use resources from others 
    • Understand what environment helps me to succeed



    Civic Engagement - Newsletter Feature 12/4/2020

    I can make my community a better, more inclusive, place.


    • Help and support others
    • Operate with a shared responsibility to the community
    • When I notice examples of injustice and prejudice, I take action
    • Identify and pursue opportunities to make a positive impact in school, community, and the world