• Class of 2021 End-of-Year Information


    Hillview is looking forward to honoring our 8th grade graduates! This page will continue to be updated as plans develop so do check often.  Updates will also be posted in our weekly newsletter.


    Important Dates
    Last Week Schedule
    8th Grade Expectations
    Hillv-YOU Capstone Project
    Graduation Ceremony
    Graduation Ceremony Registration
    Graduation Ceremony Maps/Tips/Protocols
    Graduation Gowns
    Graduation Photos
    Swag Bag Distribution & Pick Up
    Students Memory Book
    Virtual Awards Ceremony
    Library Fines
    iPad & Materials Collection
    Report Cards



    Important Dates
    Monday, June 7 - Virtual Awards Ceremony via Zoom 5pm

    Friday, June 11 - Virtual presentation of Capstone project (all 8th graders off campus)

    Friday, June 11 - Promotion ceremony (2:30-6:10pm, see details below)

    Monday, June 14 - iPad/Accessories Return (and any outstanding materials) 9-3pm



    Last Week Schedule, June 7 - 11
    8th Graders will have a unique schedule during the last week of school.  Monday through Thursday BLUE students will be on campus in the morning, and GOLD students will be on campus in the afternoon.  Students will be working in their cohorts on their Hillv-YOU Capstone Project (see below), and class time will be as follows:


    Blue Students
    9:30-11:30am (9:10-9:25 arrival) M-Th


    Gold Students
    1:00-3:00pm (12:40-12:55 arrival) M,T
    12:40-2:40pm (12:20-12:35 arrival) W,Th
    Pioneers Distance Learning Students will meet synchronously online at this time


    Friday morning, all 8th grade students will be virtual and will present their projects via Zoom.  For more information about our last week schedule, visit School Hours & Schedules. 



    8th Grade Expectations
    Eighth graders are our role models; as such, it is important that they maintain a level of behavior and achievement that one would expect of middle school “veterans.” We are so proud of our Hillview Class of 2021 and recognize that for many of our students, these reminders are unnecessary; however, we don’t want to catch anyone unaware.


    In order to earn eighth grade privileges students need to demonstrate positive behavior and academic achievement for the remainder of the year, beginning at the onset of Trimester 3, March 8th.


    To attend the 2021 promotion ceremony you must meet the following criteria

    • Minimum cumulative 1.5 GPA
    • No “F”s below 50%



    Hillv-YOU Capstone Project
    Beginning with last year’s Class of 2020, and continuing this year is the 8th Grade Hillv-YOU Capstone Project. This project will include 4 components, one required and three that each student can choose, that allow students to reflect on their middle school experience and share their arc of growth in creative ways. All students will combine the four project components in a Google Slides presentation, and on the morning of Friday, June 11, students will present their completed project to your teacher mentor, parents, and cohort members. 


    The schedule is as follows:


    A week in person (Blue) students will present on June 11 at 9 am via Zoom

    B week in person (Gold) students will present on June 11 at 10:30 am via Zoom



    Promotion Ceremony - June 11
    Due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions and guidance set forth by the state for graduation ceremonies, Hillview has decided to hold a unique in-person graduation ceremony (did someone say DJ?).  The ceremony will consist of a celebratory “walk” through campus culminating with each student crossing the stage in the quad to receive a promotion certificate.   Families are invited to join their student on the walk. Please read the following carefully as it is important that families understand the protocols and timing of the event:


    We will be asking all 8th grade families to register for the event (we need all families to register regardless of whether your student will attend or not).  This will ensure we account for all graduates who are attending, help with some of the details and planning and is also recommended through the San Mateo Guidance for Commencement and Graduation Ceremonies. It will also guide our gown distribution (see below).


    Parking will be limited (as carline parking & the staff parking lot will not be open to families) so we are asking families to arrive in one vehicle.  In addition, we will have staggered “start” times to relieve parking as well.  Street parking is available and recommended.


    Masks will be required of all guests (regardless of whether you have been vaccinated).  In addition, families need to maintain 6 feet distance between other families.  Any attendee experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 must stay home. Families will walk with their 8th grader along the following route.


    The timing is as follows:

    2:30-2:50 arrival: Trailblazers Blue

    2:50-3:10 arrival: Trailblazers Gold 

    3:30 Trailblazers ends

    3:50-4:10 arrival: Explorers Blue

    4:10-4:30 arrival: Explorers Gold

    4:50 Explorers ends

    5:10-5:30 arrival Pioneers Blue

    5:30-5:50 arrival Pioneers Gold (including Distance Learning Students and A/B Students)

    6:10 Pioneers ends


    NOTE: If you have students who are siblings in two different academies you are welcome to select one academy slot for both students or just come for each student at their allotted time.  You will indicate your preference on the registration form, linked above.



    Graduation Registration & Gown Reservation (REQUIRED)
    All families of whether they are attending graduation or not must indicate their intentions by filling out the 8th Grade 2021 Hillview Graduation Registration. Families who are borrowing a gown will indicate so on this form as well.



    Graduation Tips/Map/Protocols
    To make this a successful event, we are asking families to adhere to the following guidelines/tips. 


    • All individuals must be masked (regardless of if they are vaccinated)


    • We ask that members not in the same household maintain 6' distance while on the walk


    • Once you have checked in, we ask you do keep your place in line as this will determine the order of diplomas


    • The number in your party accompanying your graduate must all arrive in ONE vehicle as parking is limited


    • Please no drop off with the *exception* of those needing special assistance (you will indicate this during registration)


    • If you want to walk near other families please pre arrange to arrive at the same time and meet off-campus (but still maintain 6ft distance while on the walk). NOTE: The families also have to be in your assigned time slot.


    • Those needing special assistance will be escorted to a seated area in the quad awaiting the arrival of their graduate and then will depart with the family


    • Please arrive in your assigned window


    Download this guide and map (Spanish version here) and general guidelines to make this event fun & safe for everyone! 



    Graduation Gowns
    During the ceremony, all of our 8th graders will wear blue graduation gowns from Herff Jones. While not as formal as a high school or college graduation that involves a “cap,” Hillview’s ceremony includes this added element of pomp and circumstance and provides a feeling of uniformity and purpose for this special occasion.  


    If you haven’t already purchased a gown, you may borrow one from the school.  Please indicate your intent to borrow on your graduation registration and gowns will be available for distribution/pick up the week of June 7th and will be returned immediately after the ceremony.  


    If you would like to wash your gown prior to the ceremony, please wash on cold and tumble dry low - do not iron!  



    Graduation Photos
    Hillview provides a professional graduation photo company that will take photos of your student receiving their promotion certificate as well as another optional photo (graduate or group photo) as families depart campus. More information regarding how to purchase these photos will be emailed to families following the graduation ceremony.



    Swag Bag Distribution & Pick Up
    Every 8th grader will receive a swag bag containing fun items to wear at the event as well other items to honor their graduation.  The current plan is to distribute bags to BLUE in-person students Friday, May 28 and GOLD in-person students Friday, June 4. Virtual students will pick up their bags in the office when they return their materials the week of June 1.  Students will receive a bag even if you are not attending graduation.  



    Students Memory Book
    Hillview has partnered with BrightCrowd to offer students a fun way to share their middle school memories. Mr. Haug emailed students through their MPCSD email addresses on May 13, which gave them access to the platform. Our goal is to have all 320 students in our 8th grade class represented in this book so we encourage our students to work on their pages before the deadline of Saturday, June 19. All they need to do is answer a few questions, put up a profile photo, and add other photos as they wish. They can even tag fellow classmates in their posts. We want students to have fun creating their pages, but be mindful that all content needs to be school-appropriate and will be reviewed by administration. If you do not want your student to be represented in this memory book, let Mr. Haug know. Only fellow Class of 2021 students will be able to view the book.


    Again the deadline to complete the creation and editing of your child’s page is Saturday, June 19.  After this time, we will close the book and send the link for you and your student to browse.



    Virtual Awards Assembly

    The 8th Grade Awards Assembly is an annual event during which the various academic and elective departments present awards to students who have demonstrated outstanding performance, growth, and commitment. We will also award other special recognition such as the Faculty Award, the American Legion Award, and the Jeff Sorrels Scholarship Award. We encourage all 8th graders to attend this event! Families will be notified ahead of time if their student is being honored. We ask that, for the element of surprise, families do not divulge if their student is to receive an award. Zoom information will be sent to families via email and will be posted in Schoology on student’s launch pages.



    Library Fines
    Only 8th graders who have paid all fees for library fines, missing books, iPads and iPad-related accessories, etc.,will receive their yearbooks and diplomas. We will notify parents and students of all fines due before Wednesday, June 9th. We ask that all fines be paid before arriving at the graduation on June 11.



    iPad and Materials Collection for 8th graders

    Materials - Textbooks, Novels, Library Books, Logitech Keyboards, Music Materials, etc.

    Tuesday, May 25- Friday, May 28: All A-week students

    Tuesday, June 1-Friday, June 3: All B-week students including Virtual Academy 8th grade students


    iPads, charging block and cables

    Monday June 14 9:00 - 3:00 - Hillview carline drop off

    8th grade students will keep their iPads until after their capstone project is complete. Students who were honored at the awards ceremony will receive their awards when they drop off their iPads.

    If you need to arrange an alternate drop off time please email Monica Bosch.



    Report Cards for Eighth Graders
    Report cards for all students will be mailed home after the school year concludes.