To contact the Hillview Office please call 650-326-4341. Go here to see the academy teams for 2022-23.

First Last Department Academy Grade Room Email
Cheryl Arner Physical Education 6,7,8 Gym carner@mpcsd.org
Susan Arrington Science Trailblazers 8 G-7 sarrington@mpcsd.org
Christine Beirne ELA Pioneers 8 B-3 cbeirne@mpcsd.org
Brian Benelli Administration/Site Technician Tech Office bbenelli@mpcsd.org
Danielle Beres Humanities Core Vesuvius 6 D-6 dberes@mpcsd.org
Tracey Berliner Special Education AIMS 6,7,8 B-5 tberliner@mpcsd.org
Monica Bosch Administration/Attendance Clerk Office mbosch@mpcsd.org
Mike Bratt Woods/Robotics 6,7,8 B-1 mbratt@mpcsd.org
Nadya Bratt World Language/Spanish 6,7,8 C-12, D-9 nbratt@mpcsd.org
Megan Cantalupi Counselor/7th Grade 7 Office mcantalupi@mpcsd.org
Susan Churba Special Education/Acceleration 6 B-4 schurba@mpcsd.org
Jonathan Coldoff Math/Math 7/Math 7B/8 Mavericks 7 C-7 jcoldoff@mpcsd.org
Kara Connelly Science Pioneers 8 G-6 kconnelly@mpcsd.org
Valerie Cypert English Learner Specialist 6,7,8 B-3 vcypert@mpcsd.org
Sarah Dara-Abrams ELA Trailblazers 8 B-12 sdara-abrams@mpcsd.org
Katie DeAnda Physical Education/Adv. Dance 6,7,8 Gym kdeanda@mpcsd.org
Sayre Dolan Math/Math 8/Algebra 1 Explorers 8 C-5 sdolan@mpcsd.org
Mike Doroquez Math/Math 8/Geometry Pioneers 8 G-2 mdoroquez@mpcsd.org
Aruna Dutta Math Pipeline 7 G-1 adutta@mpcsd.org
Libby Ellis Humanities Core Olympus 6 D-2 eellis@mpcsd.org
Arion Espinoza Science Cloud Nine 7 G-10 aespinoza@mpcsd.org
Nick Fogel Physical Education 6,7,8 Gym nfogel@mpcsd.org
Mindy Garagozzo ASB, ELA, Electives Pioneers 6,7,8 B-3, G-4, D-2 mgaragozzo@mpcsd.org
Cathy Garagozzo Administration/Office Manager Office cgaragozzo@mpcsd.org
Diane Glasser Special Education/Collaborative Math 6,7,8 B-4 dglasser@mpcsd.org