To reach a staff member:

    • By Email: The email address format is the person's first initial followed by the last name @mpcsd.org.
    • By Phone: Call 650.326.4341, then dial the extension. To reach the main office, dial 2001.
Name Department Department Detail Grade Room Extension Email Profile Link
Tracey Berliner Acceleration Special Education/AIMS Academy 6,7,8 B-5 2205 tberliner@mpcsd.org
Susan Churba Acceleration Special Education/Acceleration/Math 8 B-4 2204 schurba@mpcsd.org
Diane Glasser Acceleration Special Education/Acceleration B-4 2214 dglasser@mpcsd.org
Emily Lowrie Acceleration English Learner Specialist B-3 Office 2213 elowrie@mpcsd.org
Kelley Otis Acceleration Special Education 8 A-7 2117 klotis@mpcsd.org
Joshua Schmidt Acceleration Special Education/Acceleration 7 B6 2306 jschmidt@mpcsd.org
Brian Benelli Administration Site Technician Tech Office 2111 bbenelli@mpcsd.org
Monica Bosch Administration Attendance Clerk Office 2001 mbosch@mpcsd.org
Danny Chui Administration Assistant Principal Office 2902 dchui@mpcsd.org
Cathy Garagozzo Administration Office Manager Office 2000 cgaragozzo@mpcsd.org
Willy Haug Administration Principal Office 2900 whaug@mpcsd.org
Jennifer Noravian Administration Office Assistant Office 2002 jnoravian@mpcsd.org
Danielle O'Brien Administration Associate Principal Office 2901 dobrien@mpcsd.org
Megan Cantalupi Administration Counselor/6th Grade 6 Office 2903 mcantalupi@mpcsd.org
Kellie Raczkowski Administration Counselor/7th Grade 7 Office 2904 kraczkowski@mpcsd.org
Christina Sendejo Johnson Administration Counselor/8th Grade 8 Office 2102 csjohnson@mpcsd.org
Niloufar Tarani Administration School Psychologist 6,7,8 Office 2905 ntarani@mpcsd.org
Mike Bratt Electives Woods/Robotics 6,7,8 B-1 2201 mbratt@mpcsd.org
Brian Darmanin Electives Broadcasting/Journalism/Character-6th Grade/ASB 6,7,8 G-3 2703 bdarmanin@mpcsd.org
Libby Ellis Electives Thrive 6,7,8 C-6 2306 eellis@mpcsd.org
Katrina Hagg Electives ASB 7 C-4 2304 khagg@mpcsd.org
Bill Hairston Electives Drama 6 G-4 2704 bhairston@mpcsd.org
Julie Hilborn Electives Media Literacy 6 D-11 2411 jhilborn@mpcsd.org
Anna Kogan Electives Art/Photography 7,8 B-2 2202 akogan@mpcsd.org
Michael Perla Electives Coding 6,7,8 TANK (Library) 2831 mperla@mpcsd.org