• Dear Parents,
    The first week of pooled Covid testing is under our belts! If your student is not already enrolled in the program, please consider joining. It's a simple, convenient way to help our campuses stay Covid-free. To get in on testing for next week, please enroll by Sunday night. (If you've already enrolled your child(ren) there is no need to do it again.) Thank you!

    To opt in, please register and provide digital consents as soon as possible. You will need to do this on TWO platforms, one for pooled testing and one for reflex testing. Each will take only a few minutes to complete. Note: Pilot participants from February and July will need to re-register via both steps outlined below.

    Step 1: Registration/Consent with Concentric by Ginkgo (Pooled Testing, weekly for all students in the program)

    1. First, click here (https://testcenter.concentricbyginkgo.com/minor-consent). 
    2. For “School or Organization Access Code,” use the appropriate code for your child’s school:
    • Laurel-Lower Campus (including ELC): MENLO-LLOWER
    • Laurel-Upper Campus: MENLO-LUPPER
    • Oak Knoll (including ELC): MENLO-KNOLL
    • Hillview: MENLO-HILL

    Follow the prompts to enter your child’s information

    Agree to the Consent Form, and you’re done with Step 1!

    Step 2: Registration/Consent with Primary.Health (Reflex Testing, as needed when a pooled result comes back positive)

    1. First, click here (https://my.primary.health/r/menlopark?registration_type=student). 
    2. Follow the prompts to enter your child’s information. Enter the questions as they pertain to your child. You will have a chance to consent on their behalf at the end of the process.
    3. For “Location,” select your child’s school
    • ELC parents should select Laurel Lower Campus or Oak Knoll, as appropriate
    • Sign the Consent Form, and you’re done with Step 2!
    • Ignore the “before you go” button on the confirmation page

    Note: If you need to provide consent for more than one child, please re-start by clicking the links again and completing the entire process for each child on both platforms. Make sure to select the appropriate school/access code for each child.