Transitional Kindergarten

  • Program Description


    Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is the first year of a two-year kindergarten program required to be provided by all California public school districts serving elementary-aged students. Beginning in fall of 2022, Menlo Park City School District will pilot a TK offering in line with the state’s requirement under Senate Bill 130. 


    TK provides early childhood education as a transition between preschool and kindergarten. TK is not required for students, but is available to students who meet the age requirements. TK does not replicate preschool or kindergarten; rather, it addresses a child’s language, literacy, and pre-math skills with an emphasis on social and emotional development. The program blends preschool and readiness standards for kindergarten with a focus on hands-on, experiential learning, and play. Research shows that taking the time for readiness for school can predict success later in the formative years of elementary and secondary education. 


    In accordance with state guidelines, MPCSD will phase in students who turn five (5) according to the dates listed below over the next five years.

    TK age requirements







    Hours and Schedule

    MPCSD will offer a half-day Transitional Kindergarten program during the pilot phase-in. TK will follow the MPCSD district instructional calendar. The first day of school for the 2022-23 school year will align with the MPCSD first day of school (to be determined when MPCSD instructional calendar is voted upon in April by School Board). TK will be offered as an AM & PM model. Below are the program hours:

    TK session hours





    Based on the current enrollment demands, MPCSD will be offering TK from a centralized location, Laurel Lower Campus, 95 Edge Rd., Atherton.


    Registration For Transitional Kindergarten


    Registration for Transitional Kindergarten will begin on March 4th, 2022. Families who would like to enroll their child in MPCSD’s Transitional Kindergarten must meet the following criteria.

    • Your child must turn 5 between September 2, 2022 and February 2, 2023 
    • To register: complete the District TK Enrollment Interest Form
    • Upon submission of the District TK Enrollment Interest Form, you will receive a follow-up message with a link to formally register your child for MPCSD’s Transitional Kindergarten for the 2022-23 School Year.

    Please note:  All AM requests will be entered into a lottery. If demand exceeds the enrollment ratio, then a PM class will be available. At that time, those who request a PM program will automatically be placed in the PM class.



    Transitional Kindergarten Extended Care Program

    MPCSD families needing a “full day” experience in order to participate in Transitional Kindergarten can pay for the fee-based Extended Care program being offered by MCPSD highly regarded by MCPSD Early Learning Center.




    TK Extended Care Hours








    Families can choose the extended case schedule that best meets their needs, based on these options:

    1. A - $1,000 (4 hrs)
    2. A+B - $1,200 (4.5 hrs)
    3. A+C - $1,500  (6 hrs)
    4. A+B+C - $1,700 (6.5  hrs)


    • Tuition will be charged in 10 equal installments from August-May 
    • There will be a 10% discount for TK Extended Care siblings and 20% discount for MPCSD staff
    • Tuition assistance fees will be determined based on family size and income and availability of funds


    A sample day in ELC Extended Care for an AM Transitional Kindergarten Student may be:


    • Optional: 8:00  - ELC arrival
    • 8:20 - ELC teachers or district staff walk children to TK classroom
    • 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Transitional Kindergarten program
    • 11:30 - TK children will be picked up and checked in by an ELC or district teacher
    • 11:30 - Arrive and settle in at ELC
    • 11:45- Lunch 
    • 12:30- Rest and quiet activities (reading, drawing, etc.)
    • 1:00 - Free play outside (children who are sleeping may continue to sleep)
    • 2:30 - Snack
    • 2:45 - Movement, yoga, mindfulness time
    • 3:00-3:30 - outdoor play
    • Optional: 3:30-5:30 - indoor/outdoor play


    A sample day in ELC Extended Care for a PM Transitional Kindergarten Student may be:

    • Optional: 8:00  - ELC arrival and free play
    • 8:30 - Free play inside/outside
    • 9:30 - Circle time
    • 10:00 - Snack time
    • 10:30 - Playground time
    • 11:40 - Lunch 
    • 12:20 - ELC teachers or district staff walk children to TK classroom
    • 12:30-3:30 - Transitional Kindergarten
    • 3:30 - ELC teachers or district staff pick up TK students and check into ELC
    • Optional: 3:30 - Arrive at ELC and settle in
    • 3:45 - Snack
    • 4:00-5:30 - Free play indoor/outdoor


    Free play times will include access to painting, arts and crafts, waterplay, playdough and kinetic sand, reading, dramatic play, etc. ELC Extended Care Classrooms will enroll up to 20 children with 2 adults. 


    Registration for ELC Transitional Kindergarten Extended Care


    Families who wish to enroll in ELC Transitional Kindergarten Extended Care must complete a separate registration processYour child’s space is not confirmed until you have completed all steps in this process. 


    1. To register: complete the ELC Transitional Kindergarten Extended Care Application
    2. Look for an email inviting you to Brightwheel and follow the steps to create an account.
    3. After  you have created a Brightwheel account, you will receive an invitation to complete the ELC enrollment process.
    4. Submit a non-refundable deposit equal to one month’s tuition via Brightwheel (not applicable to students receiving tuition assistance).
    5. Sign the TK Extended Care Admission Agreement.
    6. Students applying for tuition assistance will be asked to submit additional documents. 


    Note: MCPSD held a TK Parent Information meeting on May 25th, Thursday. If you were not able to attend, please click  here to see the recording.