Emergency Preparedness Procedures

  • Laurel is continually preparing for a major disaster through the efforts of our staff Disaster Preparedness Team and PTO Disaster Preparedness Coordinator.

    • As a part of our disaster plan we have designated a first-aid station under our covered second/third lunch area, and a command center in front of the G-Pod at the field.
    • Each classroom has an emergency disaster kit filled with first-aid equipment and emergency supplies, as well as a Laurel Bag which contains the supervision instructions and supplies necessary for attending to a variety of student needs.
    • Should a serious disaster occur, parents will be expected to pick up their child(ren) as soon as it is possible.
    • We will NOT release students to anyone unless they are designated on your child(ren)'s Disaster Emergency Form. It is very important that any person listed on your child's Disaster Emergency Form be informed in advance. Remember that it is advantageous if your Disaster Emergency designee live near the school, and they do not have to be your normal health emergency contact. This information is updated each year, placed in a plastic sleeve and kept in your child's classroom disaster kit.
    • If a disaster occurs during school hours, but is not serious enough to interrupt school or community routines, students will be excused from school at the regular dismissal times.
    • In the event of a serious disaster, where building safety becomes an issue, students will be brought to the main playground area, grouped by grade level and supervised by a teacher. All students will be moved into the Multi or other parts of our facility as soon as the areas have been checked by structural engineers. If necessary, we are prepared to provide students with first aid, water and a light snack.
    • We expect that you will come for your child as soon as is feasibly possible.
    • Please do not call the school. In fact, information about individual children cannot be given over the phone, since we need to keep the lines open for emergency information. Students will be monitored and assisted by the staff until they are picked up by you or your designee.

    Throughout this school year we will continue to train, practice and research additional refinements to our disaster plan. It is our hope that all families will review these procedures together. Please be sure that you child is familiar with the names of those persons authorized to pick them up in case of an emergency. The entire staff at Laurel is committed and united in their efforts to be prepared for the personal challenges facing all of us in the event of a major disaster.