Field Trip Bus Requests

  • Welcome to the staff page for Field Trip Bus Requests. We currently have 5 in-house buses that are available for field trips for your classes. Currently, the District has 4 bus drivers. For more information please see Board AR 3541.1(a) Transportation for School Related Trips

    Info General Information

    The number of passengers that each bus accommodates is dependent on the grade. Students in grades 6 – 8 are calculated to use approximately twice as many seats as students in grades K - 5. Therefore, if the bus capacity states it holds 84 passengers - that applies to younger children. For Hillview Middle School, that bus would only hold 42 passengers.

    • Bus #1 has total capacity of 64 student passengers
    • Bus #2 has a total capacity of 24 passengers (and has wheelchair access) – this bus is available on a limited basis.
    • Bus #3 has a total capacity of 84 student passengers
    • Bus #4 has a total capacity of 84 student passengers
    • Bus #5 has a total capacity of 84 student passengers

    Some of our buses are used in the morning and afternoon for student pick-up and drop-off routes. Therefore, most buses cannot leave earlier than 8:30 am and return to their respective schools no later than 2:30 pm every day except Thursday when they must return for afternoon routes by 1:30 pm. For safety, all of our buses are equipped with seat belts and surveillance cameras. We strongly recommend that you reserve buses early in the school year.


    Direction Directions for Booking Buses for Field Trips

    1. Please check the field trip calendar to ensure there is availability on the date you are planning a trip.


    2. Fill out the Informed K12 online Request for MPCSD bus form – ONE trip per each date only.  Click here for the for 2022-23 school year form . When first starting the form, make sure you indicate the teacher who is actually going on the field trip (and not the person who filled out the form). When all of the form's fields are completed, click on the red button at the bottom that says, "Submit this form." Make sure to submit the form to your supervisor for approval by clicking on the dropdown, selecting your supervisor, and clicking "Send to this recipient." 


    3.  After you've submitted your online Bus Request, you will receive an email from Informed K12 notifying you that your form is waiting for approval. The unique link in your email will indicate the progress of your form. You will receive another email from Informed K12 when your request has been completed. The Transportation Supervisor, will assign a trip number, and post it the on-line calendar. Your field trip bus is confirmed when you've received an email from Informed K12 and when it appears on the calendar.