Pick-Up Procedures

  • Pick-up time can be chaotic and confusing, as hundreds of children are matched with adults in about 15 minutes!  In the beginning of the year all parents are asked to fill out a form indicating your pickup schedule.  Any change in pick-up schedule must be delivered in writing to the office and to your child’s teacher.


    Children waiting for any of the buses must sit together in their assigned area. 

    Car Line


    After dismissal, parents can pick up children via the curbside pick-up in front of school. Teachers cross-reference assigned car line names on approaching cars to the list of students, and then call the names to direct students to stand at one of the four colored pick-up dots.   


    • Where the Line Starts

      • Lower Campus
        • The pick-up line begins on Ringwood Ave. east of Edge Rd., making a right-hand turn onto Edge Rd.
        • The pick-up line forms in the circular driveway and overflows onto Edge Rd. and up Ringwood Ave.
      • Upper Campus
        • The pick-up line forms in the circular driveway and overflows onto Elliott Drive. 
    • Guidelines
      • Please remain in your vehicle as you will need to move up frequently.
      • Please do not block crosswalks or the parking lot entrance/exit.
      • Please do not cut the car line. For example, refrain from turning left from Edge Rd. into the school driveway as doing so cuts into the car pick-up line, prevents others from exiting after picking up children and stops the entire flow of traffic.


    • Procedures

      • This pick-up procedure will start on the first day of school.
      • A Car Line Card is required if you intend to pick up your child(ren) after school by motored vehicle at curbside along the main entrance of the school, whether you do so regularly or just periodically.
      • Children must face forward and not remove items from their backpack.
      • Each child in your carpool should know by memory his/her designated car line name so that s/he can be situated appropriately and, when a teacher calls your name as your vehicle approaches, your child(ren) will be prepared to be picked up curbside.
      • If your child or group is not available when you arrive at the car line pick-up area, you may be asked to drive around again to collect your group.  This helps prevents excessive delays while teachers relocate children to the right place.
      • Children are supervised until 15 minutes after school dismissal.  Children who remain after this time are taken to the school office.


    • Car Line Pick-Up Name Cards

      • Each Laurel family will be assigned a car line name card.
      • Placards will be available for pick up at the Back-to-School Coffee or delivered through your child's blue folder on the first day of school.
      • The PTO covers the cost of two placards per family, but we do understand that some families may need multiple cards. Feel free to have a copy made on similar color card stock so that any Laurel Staff is able to see the card clearly in the afternoon sun and distinguish it on the dash.
      • Cards are transferable to other individuals you designate to use them, but please do so cautiously and sparingly. Please notify school administration any time during the year if you lose any one of your cards, so that a new one can be issued.
      • Obtaining a pick-up name card does not obligate you to use the drive-through pick-up – you may still park and walk in to meet your child if you choose, as long as your child’s teacher knows where to expect you. 


    • Carpooling

      • If you wish to pick up children other than your own on a regular basis, include them on your form when you request a car line name card. Otherwise, you must make arrangements with the child’s teacher as well as notify the office.
      • Good news! The County offers school pool families a $25 gas card! Click here for more information.
      • Questions? Please contact carpool@laurelpto.org.

    Parking and Walking

    You may meet your child in the Lower Campus main plaza area at the lunch tables immediately after school if you are picking up your child by any means other than curbside/car line pick-up. At Upper Campus, you may meet them at the lunch tables. This process includes parking your vehicle and walking onto campus, or walking or biking home with your child(ren).


    • Lower Campus
      • If your child does not go home via bus, car line, or have an after-school program, his/her teacher will bring him/her to the plaza to be met by a parent.
      • Parents are asked to wait along the stage or on the cement seating wall. DO NOT block the pathways after school. We have a large number of kindergarteners and first graders to safely supervise and transport to all of our designated pick-up areas.
      • Once you collect your child, please move quickly away from the lunch table area so the supervisors can keep track of the children who are still waiting.
      • You are welcome to move to the main playground to visit with friends and let your children play.
      • Parents and guardians are not permitted to walk through the car line pick-up area in front of the office - use the walkway behind the office and library.  It is very crowded during pick-up, and much safer if we restrict the area to children waiting for car line pick-up. 
      • If your child is waiting in the car pick-up area, you must pick up with your car.  It is too disruptive to have parents walking up to meet children in the car pick-up area.
      • Click here for information on where to park. 
    After-School Programs

    • After the program has finished, children enrolled in any of the After-School Programs must be met and picked up at the designated program area.  Program instructors will release each child to his/her respective parent or care provider.
    • After-School Programs are independent contractors using our school facilities, therefore if you have pick-up questions or concerns, please address them with the specific After-School Program in which your child is enrolled.