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    The after-school program information on the Laurel School website and in the school newsletter is presented by the Laurel PTO as a service to the Laurel community. The program providers are independent contractors who reserve the right to change their program status, dates, and meeting times. Although parent volunteers strive to keep this information up-to-date on the website, parents should always contact the program provider for the latest status and meeting dates/times.

    Employees and volunteers of Laurel School, Laurel PTO, and Menlo Park City School District are not liable for any errors, omissions, or changes.

    The listing below is of programs that may be offered by vendors throughout the school year.  Not all classes are offered each session.


    Please see the After School Program Schedule for the current session offerings.

Programs by Category

  • ART 

     Architecture & Design -  Design is a Catalyst for Learning! When children are engaged in the process of designing, they are learning to identify needs, frame problems, work collaboratively, explore and appreciate the contexts within which a solution must work, weigh alternatives, and communicate their ideas verbally, graphically, and in three dimensions. Teaching architecture to kids has very little to do with actually grooming future architects. Our curriculum demonstrates many of the transferrable skills learned through architecture. Beyond problem-solving, collaboration, and other analytical skills, these activities help instill a sense of spatial awareness, encourage methods of creative thinking, and allow kids to explore their city in a new way. This program is introducing the discipline of architecture to kids, to nurture their talents, interests, & encourage interdisciplinary pollination of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) topics.

    Children will design and build a three dimensional buildings limited only by their imagination. They’ll learn how architects combine functional needs for a building with designs that excite our imaginations. They will use wide range of materials (including clay, wood blocks, cardboards, polystyrene, foam boards) to turn their imagination into reality. Click HERE for more information.


    Explore Space Science - In this course, students will learn about earth as part of the solar system, laws of gravity, life outside the earth, fundamentals of our universe and it's evolution in a creative and interactive format. Click HERE for more information.


    Building Cities (Urban Design) - Why are homes located in a specific area? Why are shops, libraries, schools, businesses or factories located in another? How did someone decide where the roads would go, and how many lanes each road would have? How much park or open space is available to play in? Can you easily walk to a bus or train to get to your destination? These are the questions that are going to be discussed during this program.  Each week we’ll focus on an element of Urban Designing of a city and children will build city districts with simple materials. Click HERE for more information.


    Bookmaking - This is a project-based and child-centered course. We will create books, combining arts with subject area contents. Bookmaking instills creativity,  logical thinking, and sparks lasting learning. Children will be exposed to a variety of genres and use different artistic mediums to illustrate their books. Click HERE for more information.


    Composition and Songwriting - In this course we will discuss lyrics, song structure, composition techniques, and performance. We will discuss the evolution of song throughout different eras in music - from the baroque era all the way to current popular culture. In order to participate in this program, students need to have basic knowledge of playing an instrument.   Click HERE for more information.


    Creative Industrial Product Design -   - This course is a creative planning process that leads to products. Students will identify criteria and constraints related to the design and development of various products, for example "a shirt which can also be used as pants", or “an elevator”, or "a sofa bed", and etc. They will identify and describe the major steps in the engineering design process and analyze possible solutions to the design challenge. During every session children will build products using simple materials. This will allow students to play with their ideas in a hands-on way that will stimulate creativity and innovation. This course encourages interdisciplinary pollination of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) topics.  Click HERE for more information.


    Lemontree Craft & Create - Did you know that spending a bit of time in nature, or working with natural materials, not only calms the mind but gives our imagination and creativity a chance to flourish? Let your children breathe in the fresh air and get their hands dirty after school with Mrs. Thomas and Little Lemon Tree's nature-inspired crafts! In this program, we'll learn about plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables and use them to create ink, paper, bookmarks, wreaths, terrariums and more!  Click HERE for more information.


    Pacific Art League - Multi-Media Art! Experiment with different materials in this fun and creative after‐school art class by The Pacific Art League. Explore art through a variety of materials: watercolor, acrylic, pastels, and clay. Projects are inspired by nature, animals, favorite things and artists. PAL provides art classes for students K-2nd and 3rd-5th. Call (650) 321‐3891 or click HERE (K-2nd) or HERE (3rd-5th) for more information.

    Young Rembrandts - Young Rembrandts teaches drawing, the fundamental skill of visual arts to children grades K-2. We intentionally offer child-friendly and relevant subject matter to spark children’s interest and increase knowledge retention. Our classes are fun, engaging and affordable. They offer children a safe, comfortable place to talk about art, learn drawing skills and have fun while surrounded by creativity and encouragement. Parents can expect improved attention to detail, time on task, improved handwriting and fine motor skills along with discipline, persistence, patience and an overall “I-can-do-it” attitude

    • Our artists can expect:
    • To draw a new exciting lesson every class!
    • To learn fundamental drawing skills
    • Build color aptitude and application mastery!
    • Develop shape and color recognition
    • To have heaps and bounds of fun!

    Click LOWER CAMPUS or UPPER CAMPUS for more information.

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    Junior Chef Stars - It might be cold and rainy out, but that’s no reason to have the Winter blues. Make the most of these short winter days and long nights by cooking some delicious meals! If you have taken our class previously, this course will include all new recipes! For more information, click HERE for our Lower Campus K-2 class and click HERE for our Upper Campus Grades 3-5 class.

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    Bookopolis - The Bookopolis Book Club makes reading FUN for both bookworms and reluctant readers and helps students develop their comprehension & analysis skills. We inspire students to love reading by:

    • Engaging in peer discussions
    • Digging deeper through creative book projects
    • Playing book related games
    • Giving students a fun and safe community to be a reader 

    During the session we will read, discuss, and compare three engaging stories across multiple genres that connect to our session's theme. All books are provided and included in the program fee for students to keep.  Click HERE for more information.

    Fun with French - We at La France Ecole or 'The French School' take the age, cognitive abilities and developmental stages of the children into consideration in the design and delivery of each afterschool program we offer. We have developed a unique ‘total immersion’ approach where the teaching and assistant staff communicate with the children almost exclusively in French while carefully adapting the vocabulary, subject matter and sentence structures to the specific needs and capacities of both native and non-native speakers. Our afterschool programs are built upon what is commonly referred to as a ‘play-based’ approach to learning. We believe this empowers the children to access their natural curiosity for learning through the participation in fun games, music, dancing, storytelling, films and cultural activities.  Click HERE for more information.


    Hwa Shin Chinese School will continue Conversational Mandarin at Laurel.  Our curriculum is designed specifically for students who do not speak Mandarin at home. We encourage students interest in Chinese. Level 1 is for beginners. Its content is conversational Mandarin for daily use. Level 2 and 3 are for those with 2 or more years. Transfer students are welcome. Contact Thomas at 408-807-1088 or click HERE for more information.

    Public Speaking and Debate - Confidence breeds success! In any field, whether it’s academics, music, sports, or cooking, people who have talent as well as confidence are the ones who become successful. “It is as important to be convincing as it is to be right.” Bring out confidence in your children with these classes filled with activities and presentations. Students learn to present with confidence, use emotion, and connect with the audience fluently by doing narratives, news reporting, campaign speeches, tongue-twisters, debates, and town hall presentations on thought-provoking and interesting topics! Shy students and talkative ones alike benefit and learn from these classes.    Visit:, email: or call 510-573-2497. Click HERE for more information. ENROLL NOW!

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    The Laurel Guitar Group - The Laurel Guitar Group class is open to students in grades 3-5 on the Upper Campus.  Beginners are very welcome!  In these fun group classes you learn guitar care, tuning, strumming patterns, chords, single note melody lines, music terminology and the skills needed to play many of your favorite songs!  It’s necessary for the student to have their own guitars and bring them to class.  Practicing at home is a requirement for the students to reach their maximum potential. Click HERE for more class and rental information.


    The Laurel Piano Group - The Laurel Piano Group is open to students in grades K-2.  Learn piano in a fun social group atmosphere! Group piano class provides students an excellent introduction to the keyboard and prepares them for more serious private study as well as playing in a band/ensemble. Most importantly, students will begin to develop the skill of playing music with their peers which provides a lifelong benefit.  Our teachers focus on developing the students’ core keyboard skills: hand position, note-reading, chord vocabulary, rhythm, and theory while rehearsing a repertoire of rock, pop, and classical songs. Click HERE for more class and rental information.


    The Laurel Ukulele Group - The uke is an excellent instrument on which to learn how to play music. It's relatively simple to learn, easy to tote around, inexpensive, super fun, and timelessly popular!  In this ensemble, we will jump right into the fun stuff and learn how to play music on the ukulele. By the end of the course, students will know a few chord positions, will be able to play a couple of songs on the ukulele, and be able to sing along. Students must have their own ukulele (to bring to class and to practice at home) which is easily available for purchase at most music stores in the area.  We also offer an instrument rental program.  Please email us if you would like to rent a uke.  Click HERE for more class and rental information.

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    Chess Wizards - Chess Wizards is one of the nation’s premier chess education companies. Our interactive, discovery-based curriculum inspires students to think ahead, visualise their goals, treat others with respect and to learn from mistakes. Our classes are geared to suit children of all skill levels; from chessling to checkmate artist, students will build upon their knowledge through lessons, tournaments, variation games and more! More than just a game of winning and losing, we make learning chess fun! Should you have any questions feel free to contact our National Program Director, Trishana Walker, at or 866-949-4386. click HERE (K-2nd) or HERE (3rd-5th) for more information.


    Mad Science - Our primary goal is to deliver the best, most entertaining and educational science activities for children in the Bay Area. Our team of dynamic Mad Scientists present quality programming. They are thoroughly screened, trained and evaluated to ensure the safety, quality and reliability of our after-school programs. During after-school programs, children engage in exciting hands-on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, participate in inquiry-based discussions and take home things that they have made themselves like model rockets, periscopes, Mad Science putty, and more! Click HERE for more information and to register.


    Sparkiverse Labs - Our philosophy? Play. Create. Collaborate. We think that kids learn best when they are intellectually challenged while having fun. At Sparkiverse, we strive to ignite the SPARK --  the inherent excitement and curiosity --  in all kids. By mixing learning with game play and fun, kids leave our classes with new knowledge and understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) that's been acquired in a very engaging and low pressure way. In our creative and innovative curriculum, we explore pertinent tech topics like circuitry, robotics, coding, and game design. We even have classes where we take the Minecraft that kids already love, and use it to foster a collaborative and educational experience. Sparkiverse makes learning tech engaging and imaginative. We call it Where Fun Meets Tech! Register HERE for more information and to register.


    Starfire Education - Students learn to think like 21st century mathematicians, scientists, engineers, programmers, design thinkers, and artists. Your child will learn-by-doing, solving interesting, challenging problems, hands-on, with professional coaching from fun passionate mathematicians, scientists, engineers, programmers, design thinkers, and artists.  The Starfire Way is to create opportunities for students to learn through discovery by solving problems. Starfire programs are highly interactive, team based, learn-by-doing, hands-on, discovery learning experiences. Learning through discovery and hands-on activities lasts a lifetime.  Click HERE for more information.,, 650-649-9575

    Play-Well TEKnologies - Ratchet up your imagination with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Build engineer- designed projects such as Fire Trucks, Space Stations, Tugboats, and the Eiffel Tower. Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. There are no prerequisites for this course. Grades K-2nd.  Click HERE for more information.

    WizAcademy- Fun, Live, Online Learning - From the team at Wizbots, comes WizAcademy - our fun and live online learning destination. Kids ages 8-14 love working with our passionate, live instructors and our unique approach to teaching that incorporates design thinking and hands-on, collaborative learning.  Our engaging and fun online courses - coding, photography, drawing, financial literacy, virtual travel, public speaking, physics, writing - are meticulously designed to hone talents, develop strengths, build confidence and learn new skills.  Click Here for more information on Lower Campus classes, Click Here for more information on Upper Campus classes.

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    After School Tennis - from Euro School of Tennis teaches your child the skills and rules to build a strong, athletic foundation for the game increasingly popular. We help your child develop techniques and skills needed to keep the ball in play again and again! They will also learn important life skills such as sportsmanship, responsibility & confidence. Join the FUN today! Click HERE for Lower Campus Class information and HERE for Upper Campus Class information.  


    Hi-Five Sports After School Program @ Laurel - This is a smaller version of our famous summer camp.  We challenge children with friendly competition that's also fun in multiple sports throughout the program.  Learn a new sport or master one you love.  Your child will come home tired and ready for more.  Don't let this program pass you by.  Click HERE for more information.


    Laurel Jiu Jitsu/Self Defense - Open to students in grades K-2.  The classes focus on developing coordination, self-control, balance, flexibility, strength, stamina and discipline in a safe, supportive and non-competitive atmosphere. This unique program of fitness, fun and self-development will teach your child all the key traits necessary to succeed in life! Our objective is to build strong youngsters both physically and mentally, building an “attitude of success” with every child.  Our class is designed for students with little to no martial arts experience, but all experience levels are welcome!  Kids need to wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.  **Class limited to the first 8 registrations.

    Click HERE for more information.

    Soccer Shots® is the soccer experience for children, using an acclaimed, developmentally appropriate, and non-competitive curriculum facilitated by great coaches. We believe children are invaluable and our goal is simple: to leave a lasting, positive impact on every child we serve. Proudly serving hundreds of Laurel children since 2013. Call 650.260.4625 or click HERE for more information.

    SixFifty Lacrosse - Our After-School class at Laurel Elementary School offers boys and girls a chance to learn the hottest new sport in West Coast schools. Using our time-tested curriculum developed by Coach Bond, players are led through skills & game sessions embedded with teamwork, decision-making, and leadership lessons designed to foster athletic & personal growth. In addition to lacrosse fundamentals, teaching includes age-appropriate athletic development, athletic movement, and coordination. And best of all, lacrosse is so much fun!  Fall and Winter only.  Click HERE for more information.

    One on One Basketball - is back for AFTER SCHOOL HOOPS at Laurel! Throughout the year, skilled and experienced basketball coaches will conduct a one hour clinic each week.  Through fun games such as Poison, PacMan and Steal the Bacon, players will improve their fundamentals and develop confidence.  Click HERE for more information.

    Yoga The Laurel Yoga+Mindfulness class is open to the lower campus grades K-2.  This exciting and fun-loving yoga class for children offers an introduction to basic breathing, yoga postures, mindfulness techniques and relaxation to support the development of strength and flexibility in their mind and body. Students will learn the value of stillness and movement by engaging in playful activities to promote self awareness and improved social interactions with others. Click HERE for more information.

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    Ballet - Students in grades K-2 are welcome to join our new Ballet class. Ballet, the basis of all dance forms, is a definite necessity for any aspiring dancer. Basic ballet steps, French terminology, concepts, and movements are introduced in a nuturing positive environment. Movements will begin to emphasize body awareness for ballet including straight legs, pointed feet, and posture. Fun imaginative games are incorporated to encourage creative exploration and self-confidence is stressed.  Click HERE for more information.


    Ballroom Dance The Foxtrot, the Waltz, the Tango – doesn’t sound like the conversation you might have with your child during after school pick up, does it? It absolutely could be with our new Ballroom Dancing program.      What?!? Ballroom Dancing for Kids?         Absolutely! An early introduction to a variety of physical activities is always going to have a positive  impact on a child’s life. Tennis, swimming, and team sports all fit into that idea, but one physical activity you may not have considered for your child could be the introduction to a fun, healthy hobby he or she can carry throughout life – Ballroom Dancing. This is  designed for 1st-5th graders after school on campus.  Click HERE for more information.


    The Laurel Hip Hop Dance Class - Dance uplifts, unites, and empowers children.  It also provides children with an opportunity to express their individuality while working on gross motor skills and developing cognitive and social skills.  Hip Hop is the perfect class for children who want to dance, stay active, and learn how to freestyle!  Musicality, rhythm, and creative movement are key components of this fun, urban/street-style dance class that teaches boys and girls alike to step, stomp, and shake it out. Click HERE for more class and rental information.


    Musical Theater - Every student who signs up gets a part in the show! This is a short adaptation of a fun story with lots of dancing, singing, and acting for everyone involved! Imagination, creativity, focus, teamwork and fun are the framework for The Green Room's Musical Theatre Classes.  Students train with our artistic teachers to hone the skills of the stage. Join us for a fun introduction to the performing arts with classes in acting, improvisation, dance movement, and music! For more information contact Maggie at Or by phone at (650) 575-9814. Click HERE for Lower Campus Class information and HERE for Upper Campus Class information.


    Peninsula Youth Theatre -Come join PYT for After School Drama at Laurel Elementary! Students will work together to learn the essential elements of storytelling, performance, and important theatre terminology as they have fun rehearsing a short play. On the final day of class, friends and family are welcome to join us for our final performance. Can’t wait to see you there! Click HERE for more information.

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More Information



    Laurel after-school activities are programs offered by independent contractors and are not official Laurel School, Laurel PTO, or Menlo Park City School District programs.
    Parents contract directly with the program provider. A student is not considered enrolled until the parent has received confirmation from the program provider. (Website payment confirmation does not constitute enrollment confirmation.) The program providers are responsible only for the students with confirmed enrollment in their classes, and then only during the class times and dates that the program provider has given to the parents.

    The first day of each session, all after-school providers meet students at the plaza. At that time, they will inform students where to meet (e.g. at the arbor, in pods, multi purpose room, and art room). Please contact the after-school provider with questions about pick up.
    You must contact the program directly if your child will be absent. These programs are responsible for your children after school, not Laurel staff or Laurel PTO. The Laurel office does not pass on attendance information. All contacts are with the instructors on site.
    Please contact the program directly with questions or concerns.

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