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    INSPIRE! When you support the PTO, you make possible curriculum enrichment, field trips, community building events, and well-supplied classrooms.

    INVOLVE! The investment of your time in the classroom and on campus is meaningful. For volunteer opportunities, click here and sign up at Back-to-School Coffee on the first day of school.

    INVEST! The cost of providing our programs is approximately $250 per child. Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated.


    For questions or more information, please email president@laurelpto.org. 


    To donate, click here.

    PTO donations are due by October 5.

Support the MPAEF


    In addition to supporting the PTO, please also contribute to the Menlo Park-Atherton Education Foundation (MPAEF), which provides vital funding to increase the per-pupil spending in our District. When you support the MPAEF, you are putting more teachers in our schools – both in the classroom and in specialized areas such as art, music, drama, library and science.

    For more information and to donate or pledge, please go to mpaef.org/donate-now.

    Make your commitment to the MPAEF by October 5.

  • Joint Campaign

Donate to the PTO

  • Thank you in advance for your support of the Laurel PTO and MPAEF via your time and financial contributions.
    TO PAY VIA CHECK:  Please download and complete the Membership Form. Remittance instructions are noted on the form.

    TO CONTRIBUTE STOCK OR OTHER ASSET:  Please email the Membership Team at membership@laurelpto.org.

    TO PAY ONLINE:  Select an online donation option below. Note we have included a 2% fee to help defray administrative costs of processing your payment online.


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Corporate Matching

  • Double your contribution with corporate-matching funds available through your employer. Contact your human resources department for forms and information. Please email the Membership Team at membership@laurelpto.org to let them know. We are here to help you if you need assistance with corporate matching paperwork. Laurel PTO contributions are tax-deductible. Laurel’s TAX ID is 20-1194687.

    Want to find out if your company participates? Questions about your donation? Please email membership@laurelpto.org. You may also check a quick list of potentially participating companies.

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