Electives & PE Classes

  • Electives Hillview has an amazing array of elective choices in the visual and tactile arts, the performing arts, leadership, technology, and world languages (to name a few!). In addition, we offer several physical education classes that can be taken in place of, or in addition to, "traditional" PE (though our regular PE classes are anything but traditional!).

    At the bottom of this page, you will see links to a video for the registration process, as well as our various course catalogs. Click on any to see descriptions of all the courses offered for each grade level trimester and year long electives and the PE classes. Note: We have both "print" and video catalogs that you may peruse. In the print catalog, you may scroll through all the choices, or you may click on any choice in the top list to go directly to a description. Each year we revise our choices based on new additions or subtractions, so what you will see are those electives that are currently being offered for the 2017-18 school year. And also please be aware, an offered elective only becomes an actual course if a critical mass of students register.

    Electives are either trimester or year-long, meaning that a student who wants to try a number of different course offerings may register for three electives in a given year. Those students who may want more advanced or comprehensive courses may choose year-long electives (all world languages are year-long). Usually electives make up one out of the seven periods of classes a student takes, but we do offer the possibility of taking a second elective. This second elective would be in lieu of our "Qu3ST" (Quiet, Sustained, Supported Study Time), and we only recommend it for academically independent and motivated students.

    Students sign up for electives in the spring of the year prior by using the "Class Registration" feature of PowerSchool. They enter their school-provided usernames and passwords, and follow the instructions to choose their elective experiences. We have developed a screencast to orient students and families to the online registration process. If you lack Internet access at home, we invite you to the Hillview office to complete your online registration. For new students, we provide a list of available electives on paper and place them in classes.

    We do our best to provide each student with his or her top choices. In the event that a top choice or choices are not available due to the class being filled, our counselors work with the individual student and his or her family to choose from among those electives available.