Homework & Support Programs

  • Thanks to the generous support of our PTO, Hillview is able to offer several free after-school support programs. These programs are intended to assist students with homework completion, to give them targeted support in math, and to support their social and emotional development. Some of these programs are drop-in services, while others require a referral from our counselors or administrative team.


    Hillview also provides a late bus that students in the various after-school programs can take home. This bus is free of charge to Hillview students. For more information visit our homework bus schedule.

    Data Homework Center: M, Tu - 3:20 - 4:45; W, Th - 2:45 - 4:30
    Homework Center is a drop-in program (no sign-up necessary) housed in the Hillview library. Open to all students, the center is a quiet environment where students have access to textbooks and materials, and where they can get their homework started or finished. Supervised by a Hillview staff member, the Homework Center does not provide targeted help with academics, though certainly, the monitor and adult volunteers will give as much help if they can, if asked. Please review our Homework Center expectations.

    Data Math Clinic: M, Tu - 3:20 - 4:45; W, Th - 2:45 - 4:30
    Math Clinic provides targeted support for all levels of math. The Math Clinic is supervised by a Hillview math teacher and/or instructional aide, and is assisted by high school-age counselors. The Math Clinic is a great place for students to go to get help with math concepts. It is a drop-in program, but we will also refer students to Math Clinic if they need extra support or review. Math Clinic takes place in the Hillview library conference room.



    In addition to the after-school programs. Hillview also offers opportunities for students to do classwork during lunchtime.


    Data Work Room: Lunch
    Work room is a time and place where students can use their iPads for schoolwork.  Work room happens daily during the lunch period. Current work room schedule is as follows:

    Monday: Room G7 (Arrington)

    Tuesday: Room G3 (Berry)

    Wednesday:  Room A8 (Salas)

    Thursday:  Room B3 (Babington)

    Friday: Room D1 (O'Brien)