• Middle school is an excellent time to foster responsibility. High school is but a few steps away, and in order to successfully navigate this journey, your student will need to be able to solve problems and advocate for him or herself independently. Part of this growth can include commuting independently (or with friends) by foot or bicycle to school. Making the bike or pedestrian trip to Hillview every day allows students to navigate the responsibilities for safe and on-time commuting to school, but the decision about what each individual is capable and ready to do is up to each family. 

    Biking Bike Use & Storage at Hillview
    Bicycles must be walked at all times anywhere on Hillview campus grounds, and within the crosswalks throughout Menlo Park. Walking a bike means standing beside it and wheeling it around, not straddling it and pushing it forward with the feet. 
    During the school day, bicycles should be locked in the racks on campus. We ask students to stay away from the bicycle racks “from bell to bell”.  Students who repeatedly do not observe the bicycle guidelines will have their bicycle riding privileges suspended.
    Skateboards (including longboards), inline skates, and scooters may not be ridden anywhere on campus. Skateboards, inline skates, and scooters should be locked to a bike rack, placed in the longboard rack, or stored in a cubby inside a teacher’s classroom (with that teacher’s permission). Students may not carry these items from class to class at any time from “bell to bell.” Students who do not follow these guidelines will have their items confiscated and parents contacted on the first offense. On a second offense, the student will lose the privilege of bringing a skateboard, scooter, or skates to school.