Driving to Hillview

  • Carpool Please Share the Drive and Observe Campus Safety Rules

    If you must drive your student by car, please consider offering a ride to a neighbor or two. Please also adhere to the Hillview drop-off and pick-up policies. Families forming carpools to school are eligible for a $25 gas card from the County! Click for more. 

    Drop-Off & Pick-Up Procedures
    The drop-off and pick-up area is accessed off of Elder Ave. Once you enter the drive, one lane becomes two.
    • The right-hand lane is for dropping off or picking up students.
    • The left-hand lane is for passing.
    • Do not leave your vehicle unattended in either lane. Visitor parking is available.
    Parents entering the drive should drop off or pick up students before looping around and exiting back to Elder. With a new traffic flow this year and a new traffic signal at Santa Cruz and Elder, we will be keeping a close eye on how everything goes. Parents may also consider dropping off or picking up off campus.
    Important tip: In the morning, arrive ten minutes before the bell to enjoy a fast drop-off before the crowds arrive. Also, consider arriving five or ten minutes after the dismissal time to enjoy a faster trip through the car queue.