Private School Application Process

  • Private School Application Process

    To help ensure that your student's applications are complete and the process runs smoothly for everyone involved, there are several steps students must complete NO LATER THAN November 17, 2021. This will enable us to give thoughtful consideration to your student’s packet.

    1. Follow the steps and fill out the Mandatory Student Information form provided in the Hillview Private School Information Form and Check List packet. Every student applying to a private school must follow, complete, and return this mandatory form to the office by the due date. 
    2. Fill out, sign, and return to the Hillview office the Parent Authorization For Release of Records and Recommendations provided to you by the private school. The Hillview office requires an original copy for each school you are applying to or the master Ravenna form with the schools highlighted if applying online. This form authorizes Hillview to release your student's educational records and recommendations. Records will not be released without it.
    3. Ravenna Online registration. When applying online using the Ravenna application process, please make sure in the Current School section of your Student's Profile that you have selected Hillview Middle School. This gives Hillview the ability to send confidential information.
    4. The deadline for all documentation and requests for recommendations is November 17, 2021. Any materials or requests received after that date will be processed on an as-available basis and after all, applications turned in on time are completed. Having this deadline ensures that we can give thoughtful consideration to your child's packet and all pieces get to the private schools on time. Your adherence to this deadline is greatly appreciated.

    A note to parents, we expect that 8th students take the lead on this process and advocate for themselves.  They should contact teachers directly to request recommendations (before a Ravenna request is sent) and to fill out the Hillview information form in their own words. 


    Eastside College Preparatory School

    A reminder: Students applying out to Eastside Prep, your final application is due in early December which is much sooner then most schools.  Please see their website for more details.