Powerschool Single Sign-on

  • News Dear Hillview Parent or Guardian,

    Many parents have been inquiring about access to PowerSchool in order to monitor their student’s progress and attendance. We are pleased to announce that we are rolling out what is called the “Single Sign-on” feature of PowerSchool. Now you will be able to use one log-on to access information on all your students in MPCSD!

    In order to activate PowerSchool Single Sign-on, you will first need to know each of your students’ Access IDs and Passwords. Please call the Hillview front office to get this information.

    Once you have this information, you are ready to create your account. Here’s how to do it: 


    1. Go to the Parent and Student Portal: https://mpcsd.powerschool.com/public
    2. Click on the tab that reads "Create Account."
    3. Notice in the bottom right-hand corner the “Create Account” button. Click on it.
    4. On the next page, you will be asked to enter several pieces of information

      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Email address
      • Username (Be sure to record this somewhere! You will need it again soon!)
      • Password (Be sure to record this somewhere! You will need it again soon!)

    5. Then scroll down to enter your student’s/students’ name(s), their respective Access ID(s) and Password(s), and your relationship to him/her/them (note: Hillview can only provide you with Access IDs and Passwords for students enrolled at Hillview; if you want to add elementary school students, which you can do later, you will need to contact those schools directly). You can enter up to seven (7) students.
    6. Click the “Enter” at the bottom of the page; your account is created! Log back in to the Parent Portal using your newly created username and password.
    7. Navigate through the Parent Portal using the left-hand pane to access such features as Grades and Attendance, Attendance History, Notifications (you can ask PowerSchool to send you emails at certain intervals of time), Class Registration, and Account. Preferences.

    If you have any questions or need assistance with this process, please contact the
    Hillview office.


    Willy Haug, Principal