After-School Program
    To streamline our enrichment booking, we are excited to announce that we have adopted a new portal called Homeroom that will allow you to sign up for all enrichment classes in one place. In addition, parents of multiple children are able to register all the children at the same time on the portal. 
    You may check out the classes, and offerings now! Click here.  In advance of enrollment opening, feel free to view the schedule and create an account. 

    Fall Session - September 3 Through December 19 (12 - 14 weeks)

      For no classes and minimal days please refer to our portal 

      2019 Fall Enrollment is open from August 17 - September 6. Sign up early, classes fill up quickly. 



    Winter Session- January 13 through March 26 (10 Weeks)

     For no classes and minimal days please refer to our portal 

     2020 Winter Enrollment is open from December 16- January 10. Sign up early, classes fill up quickly. 


    Spring Session - April 6 through June 11 (9 weeks)

     For no classes and minimal days please refer to our portal 

     2020 Spring Enrollment is open from March 23 - April 3. Sign up early, classes fill up quickly. 


    There are no after-school classes on holidays and minimum days. Individual ASP vendor class dates may vary slightly - please confirm session dates with the course provider.
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    Oak Knoll After-School Program Coordinators
    Please contact the ASP Coordinators with any questions/concerns:
    Neda Razavi at nedarazavi1@gmail.com  
    Katherine Glass at kathglass@gmail.com 
    Please note:
    The after school programs and sports listed on the Oak Knoll website are organized and run by vendors that are unaffiliated with Oak Knoll School or the Menlo Park City School District.  The vendors have reserved Oak Knoll campus facilities through the Menlo Park City School District’s Use of School Facilities policy.  Oak Knoll School is not responsible for the content of the vendors' websites or for the conduct of the activities they provide and is not liable for any damages or negative consequences from participation in any of the listed activities.  Although parent volunteers strive to keep the information on this website up-to-date, parents should always contact the vendor for the latest status of the activities as well as meeting dates and times, which may change from time to time.  In addition, Oak Knoll School is not responsible for supervising children after the end of the school day.
    Parents should make their own arrangements for ensuring their children’s arrival and participation in the activity or activities for which they are enrolled.

    Employees and volunteers of Oak Knoll School, Oak Knoll PTO, and the Menlo Park City School District are not liable for any errors, omissions, or changes to any of the information or activities listed herein.
    Newton Learning Center 
    The Newton Learning Center will be returning to offer its after-school program on Oak Knoll's campus every school day until 6:00 pm. Click on Newton link in the left-hand column above for additional information and registration form.