PTO Committees

  • PTO Committees are listed alphabetically. To learn more about or to volunteer for a committee, please click on the individual committee name or email the committee co-chair(s). If you are having difficulty contacting a committee or would like to inquire about an open position, please email the Oak Knoll PTO President.


PTO Committees and Leads for 2022-2023

  • After School Programs

    Set up and manage programs for children to attend at Oak Knoll after school activities.

    Chairs: Rachel Maclay


    After School Sports

    Organize Oak Knoll Volleyball and Basketball teams for play in Burgess League.

    Chairs: Ward Bullard, Bjorn Carey, Clara Choi, Mark Hochstetler


    Book Fair

    Organize and execute the Oak Knoll Book Fair.

    Chairs: Katie Davis, Nora Singer


    Community Coffee

    Plan community coffee events at Oak Knoll. 

    Chairs: Komal Goel, Alison Wong, Meredith Nonnenberg


    Green Team

    Work with school and students to support composting at school.

    Chairs: Mary Kelly


    Cub Scouts

    Assist with the forming of new Cub Scout troops and adding new members to existing troops at Oak Knoll.

    Chairs: Mark Howard


    Fall Family Picnic

    Organize a family picnic/event for all Oak Knoll families and staff in early Fall.

    Chairs: Sabah Mansoor, Michelle Eakin


    Fifth Grade Field Day

    Organize Fifth Grade Field Day.

    Chairs: TBD


    Friends and Family Day

    Plan, organize, and execute Friends & Family Day.

    Chairs: Kristi Cannon


    Girl Scouts

    Assist with the forming of new Girl Scout troops and adding new members to existing troops Oak Knoll.

    Chairs: Rebecca Boenig



    Create custom Oak Knoll graphic art.

    Chairs: Alison Wong


    Hot Lunch

    Coordinate Hot Lunch program and recruit/schedule volunteers to serve hot lunch to students.

    Chairs: Regina Enhuber, Laura Santora



    International Family Liaisons

    Chairs: Ekaterina Kazakova 


    Kindergarten and New Family Welcome Event

    Welcome Kindergartners and New Families to Oak Knoll, and help familiarize them with their teacher, classroom and school landmarks such as the bathrooms, flagpole, playground, and classroom cubby before the first day of school.

    Chairs: Lindsay Nalevanko, Meredith Nonnenberg


    Library Resources

    Coordinate and organize the library database and maintain library inventory with the help of a committee.

    Chairs: Laura Low Ah Kee, Melissa Nikolic, Stephanie Rowen


    Library Volunteers Coordinator

    Coordinate volunteers to work in school library during class times, recesses, and lunch.

    Chairs: Carey d'Alessandro


    Lunch Club Coordinator

    Chairs: TBD


    MPAEF Liaisons 

    Chairs: Aly Gay, Laura Low Ah Kee


    Musical, 3rd Grade

    Chairs: TBD


    Musical, 4th and 5th Grade

    Chairs: Nora Singer, Katie Gardner


    Oak Knoll Parents for Safe Routes

    Works with the District and District-wide SRTS Committees to make our streets safer for kids to travel to and from school via bicycle, foot, scooter, etc.  Also manages bike safety programs and activities.

    Chairs: Ryan Padrez




    Bring spirited Oak Knoll logo wear to our families each year.

    Chairs: Katie Davis, Lais Priolli



    Room Parent Program

    Room parents support classroom teachers by recruiting parent volunteers who help in the classroom, chaperone field trips, and plan parties. Room parents also facilitate recognition activities during Teacher Appreciation Week, help build community among class families, and act as ambassadors of the school.

    Chairs: Alice Mount, Christie Connaghan, Liz Franks


    Science Fair

    Plan, promote and execute the annual Oak Knoll Science Fair for grades 2-5.

    Chairs: Laura Webb, Kate Piper


    Science Olympiad

    Plan a one day 4th and 5th grade class competition with a variety of science related events.

    Chairs: Mary Kelly 


    Teacher Appreciation

    Plans luncheons, coffees, and surprises for our faculty and staff throughout the school year.

    Chairs: Andrea Draper, Liz Franks, Melissa Goldman



    Ensure the school website is up to date with accurate information.

    Chairs: Angie Kenny



    Gather and prepare all elements for the annual yearbook.

    Chairs: Danielle Gold, Jane Woodall, Tara Moeller, Christie Connaghan