New Family Liaison

  • What does our committee do?

    Work with the office to collect contact information of all new families to OK (except Kinders, unless a kinder is with other new kids in their family who are 1st-5th). Send out a packet of info at the beginning of August and then organize a potluck dinner top be held a few days before school starts. There is a packet that just needs a little updating each year.

    What types of responsibilities do our volunteers help with?

    • Collecting contact info. from the front office before school ends in June up until the potluck dinner in August
    • Copy/collate packets for August mailer
    • Include in mailer the flyer for the potluck dinner with dish assignments
    • Coordinate with pricinpal and PTO President to speak at potluck
    • Coordinate with the vice principal for tours of the school during the potluck
    • Tours given by 4th or 5th graders. You will need to find these kids to help out (about 5 or 6 kids to give tours)
    • Invite all PTO board members to potluck and rally a few friends to help you host and talk to the new families about OK

    When do we need you?

    Mainly for just the evening of the potluck, which occurs a few days before school starts. Having them come an hour early to help set-up and bring a dish to share and be social with the new families

    How much time commitment is involved?

    • 2-3 hours the night of the potluck.
    • 3 hours over the summer collecting names from the office
    • copy/collating mailer and reminder phone calls the day before the potluck

    Any special skills required?

    Someone who is organized and likes to meet new people and making them feel welcome.


    Please refer to the PTO Committees table to contact the committee chair.