Noteworthy Art

  • What does our committee do?Art

    • Committee works in teams with the teachers and parent volunteers to get the artwork completed. Committee members work to coordinate the artwork with the programmer and printer and the team works to put together the packets for distribution to the families.

    What types of responsibilities do our volunteers help with?

    • We need at least one person per grade to help coordinate classroom time for the artwork.
    • There needs to be one person working with the printer and a team of people coordinating the effort to package the final product.
    • The chairs of the committee work closely with the programmer and develop the spreadsheets so that the process runs smoothly in the classroom. 


    When do we need you?

    • This is a fall project that begins once school starts. All artwork is complete by early October and is distributed by Thanksgiving.


    How much time commitment is involved?

    • Commitment will vary depending on the job.  Varying from one day (packaging help) to possibly a few weeks in coordinating the artwork. 


    Any special skills required?

    • Needs to like to work with the kids and must be organized to coordinate all the classroom time. Must be fun! This is a great project! 


    Please refer to the PTO Committees table to contact the committee chair.