Room Parent Program

  • Thank you for your interest in the Room Parent program. Volunteers are recruited in the Spring for the following school year. Room Parents are assigned a few days before the start of the school year once class placement lists have been posted. 


    2021-2022 Room Parent Coordinators:

    Christie Connaghan

    Amy Beim

    Alice Mount



Room Parent Program Information

  • What does our committee do?

    • Room Parent Program volunteers (room parents and grade level coordinators) support classroom teachers, facilitate community building among class/grade level families, and act as ambassadors of the school.  

    What are our responsibilities?

    • There are two room parents for each class. Room parents work with teachers to recruit and organize parent volunteers who help in the classroom, plan class parties, and chaperone field trips.
    • Room parents maintain regular communication with class parents.
    • Grade level coordinators help recruit room parents and support them throughout the year.

    When do we need volunteers?

    • Room parents have responsibilities throughout the school year. It is a one-year commitment.


    How much time is involved?

    • Expectations vary by class.

    What skills are required?

    • Room parents should have good communication, organization, and diplomacy skills.