Science Olympiad

  • What does our committee do?Olympiad

    We organize one of the most fun and memorable days for 4th and 5th grade classes. Science Olympiad is a competition between classes that takes place in late Spring. It is comprised of 11 fun-filled science-related events that span topics from engineering to the environment.

    What types of responsibilities do our volunteers help with?

    We have 3 main roles for parents of 4th and 5th graders.
    Committee Chairs: Typically 3 people who ensure that the events are fully staffed and equipped and that the day runs smoothly, The committee helps with teacher communications and materials as well as organizing the events and all of the support volunteers. We also need 2 individuals that can help us manage the score keeping the day of the event (someone who likes math and excel spreadsheets is helpful!)
    Event Leads: These are 2 people needed per event. This role helps to train their volunteers (assigned by the committee chairs) and run their events the day of Science Olympiad. No special skills required, all of the events are already pre designed and ready to go! (roles for 20+)
    Day of Volunteers: This is where we need the MOST help. In fact, we have over 100 volunteer roles to fill. Volunteers are assigned to help run the events the morning of Science Olympiad.

    When do we need you and how much time commitment is involved?

    Committee Chairs: Work on and off throughout the year, but the role is busy in the month leading up to Science Olympiad (May).
    Event Leads: Leads have a short training in early Spring and then simply need to help us communicate and confirm their event volunteer. They need to be present the entire morning of Science Olympiad (8am-12pm)
    Volunteers: Need to help run the events during the morning of Science Olympiad. You can help the full morning (8am-12pm) or sign up for a shift (8-10, 10-12). Sign ups are available at Back to School Night.
    If you are interested in volunteering in any of the roles mentioned please contact the PTO President.

    Any special skills required?
    No special background is required. Committee Chairs are more organizational and the leads and volunteers are interacting more one-one with students.


    For more information on Science Olympiad visit the Events Page.