• Orders for the 2017-2018 yearbook are now open until Tuesday, December 19! Order here today! Yearbooks will be distributed to students during the last week of the school year. 


    Each year, an Oak Knoll yearbook is published containing photographs of each child, each class photograph, the 5th grade year, sports teams, school activities and more, commemorating the past year at school. The school library has copies of past yearbooks if you would like to see an example. 


    For 5th graders, look out in the newsletter and other communications for the following for the yearbook:

    - Yearbook cover art contest: submissions due to your teacher by November 28 (completed)

    - Baby photos: we will be requesting a baby photo of the students

    - Favorite things: a short survey asking 5th graders their favorite things (movies, books, snacks etc).