Health Information

  • Health Services

    Pupils attending school should be in good physical health, without signs of contagious diseases. Parents are asked to keep their sick children home until all signs of contagiousness such as vomiting, diarrhea and fevers have subsided, medication free, for 24 hours. Communicable diseases should be reported to the school office so that exposure notices may be sent home with classmates. Basic first aid will be provided by designated school personnel. For more complex injuries and illnesses, parents will be notified and students must be picked up from school immediately. There is a no live lice policy - see Board Policy BP 5141.33 for more information. The district provides vision and hearing screenings for all Kindergarten, 2nd, 5th and 8th grade students each year, and for students referred by staff or parents.

    Medication at School

    If prescribed or over-the-counter medications are to be administered or taken during school hours, a Medication Authorization Form must be completed and returned to the school office with medication(s) before your child begins or returns to school. The student's parent/guardian and authorized health care provider must indicate on the authorization form if the student is allowed to carry and self-administer medication. For students who carry their own medication, it is recommended to have back-up medication in the school office. All medication must be in the original prescription bottle/package. Authorization forms must be completed annually. [California Education Codes 49423 and 49423.1]