Cultural Arts Week


    Cultural Arts Weeks!

    This year, Encinal is trying something new!

    We are running three Cultural Arts Weeks, one in each trimester, celebrating three different countries -- El Salvador, Peru, and Kenya. We are looking at these different countries through one overarching thematic lens: how water impacts the lives of their people. Encinal students will learn about the countries, attend performances and assemblies, do crafts, and taste some food.

    WEEK ONE: EL SALVADOR!  October 21-25!

    The entire program is being developed and presented by World Languages teacher Maria Teresa Magaña and her crew of parent organizers, but we will need more volunteer support that week. There are three main asks:ere is the information for our upcoming Cultural Celebration! Students will receive a 45 minute lesson on El Salvador during World Language. In addition they will participate in the following activities:


    Author René Colato Lainez assembly in Large multi- An author’s journey as an immigrant from ES and as a writer. 

    10/21 Soccer Day 

    Wear your favorite soccer team’s jersey day. Students will enjoy an atheletic activity! 

    10/23 1,2,3 Andrés Assembly

    Music at 8:30am on the BlackTop! Wear blue and white day (E.S. flag colors) Bilingual Grammy winner and Parents Choice Award)

    10/24 Optional Pupusas Tasting

    Pupusas will be offerend to students in front of Large multi-for students during lunch 11:45-1

    Ingredients: corn and cheese (traditional food from El Salvador. Remind your child about allergies if applicable)

    10/25 Animals of the Americas Assembly

    9:15 am (K-2) and 10:30 am (3-5) by Wildlife Associates

    Be sure and ask your child about these fun and educational activities!

    Parents, if you want to sign up to volunteer we would love your presence. Visit our site on Parent Square!

    A big thank you to the MPEA foundation for supporting this program!


     Interested in helping with Cultural Arts Week?  Click here to email the CAD co-chairs.

    Cultural Arts Studies of Years Past!
    2016-2017: Japan
    2015-2016: Brazil 
    2014-15: The British Isles 
    2013-14: India
    2012-13: China 
    2011-12: Lake Victoria region of Africa
    2010-11: The Polynesian Islands 
    2009-10: Spain 
    2008-09: Mexico