PTO Overview

  • What is the PTO?

    The PTO is us!  The amazing parents and teachers at Encinal make up Encinal School’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  We are volunteers who strive to build a strong sense of community at Encinal and provide enriching programs that extend the curriculum of the Menlo Park City School District. By joining the PTO, you become part of the network of parents and teachers who are working to enhance our children’s educational experience and social development. We are committed to supporting the children, parents, teachers, staff, and programming that make Encinal excellent!

    Funds to support all PTO-sponsored programs and purchases are generated through membership dues and through parent-coordinated fundraisers.



    (click here to access Board member contact info in ParentSquare)


    Presidents:  Katherine Bicer and Andrea Nudd

    Vice President:  Allison Jagtiani

    Treasurer:  Reed Johnstone

    Financial Secretary:  Yin Ravenscroft

    Auditor:  Anand Gupta

    Recording Secretary:  Amy Bagdasarian Porter

    Communications Chair:  Stephanie Lucianovic

    Community Chairs:  Christine Goudey and Nicole Carvalho-Lee

    Parliamentarian:  FangFang Paulson

    Head-Room Parent (HRP) Coordinator:  Leah Wolf







    Represents and heads Encinal PTO, as the principle executive officer, subject to control of the Executive Board, and the direction of the membership. Represents the PTO on the Menlo Park City School District Council. Selects and appoints the Parliamentarian and all standing and special committees chairpersons subject to approval of the Executive Board. Serves as an ex-offico member of all Encinal PTO committees. Provides oversight and direction to committees and initiatives. Presides over all PTO Executive Board and General Membership meetings. Handles any additional responsibilities as described in the Bylaws.


    Vice President:


    Performs the duties of the President in absence of the President. Perform duties assigned by the President or Executive Board; represents the Encinal PTO on the Menlo Park City School District Council; participates on the Encinal PTO nominating committee. Automatically becomes President after serving the Vice President term. Provides oversight and direction to committees and initiatives. Handles any additional responsibilities as described in the Bylaws.

      Committees to support:

    • Membership
    • Book Fair
    • Spirit Wear




    Keeps record of all receipts and expenditures of the organization. Prepares annual school year budget with input from President, Vice President, and Financial Secretary. Prepares and files all necessary reports and forms required by the PTO including insurance and tax returns required by government agencies. Reports on financials at PTO meetings. Works closely with the financial secretary, as described in the Bylaws.


    Financial Secretary:


    Works closely with the treasurer to keep records of income, receipts, and distributions; and other responsibilities described in the Bylaws. Automatically becomes Treasurer after serving the Financial Secretary term.




    Responsible for recording the minutes of the monthly Executive Board meetings and the PTO General Meetings. Coordinates correspondence as needed. Keeps current copies of all organizational documents and records. Conducts all necessary Encinal PTO correspondences.




    Responsible for auditing the PTO financial records twice per year. Prepares and presents reports of such audits to the Executive Board.




    Attends all Executive Board and General Membership meetings and give necessary advice in parliamentary procedure as requested.  Presides over the Nominating Committee as described in the PTO Bylaws. Conducts the election of the officers at the last General Membership meeting of the school year. Reviews Standing Rules and Bylaws annually and updates as necessary.


    Head Room Parent (HRP) Coordinator:


    Responsible for Head Room Parent selection for each classroom at the beginning of the school year. Responsible for training and coordination of Head Room Parents. Oversees communication between the Head Room Parents and the Executive Board.

       Committees to support:

    • Art
    • Garden
    • Library
    • Staff Appreciation


    Communications Chair:


    Responsible for managing the PTO communications of sponsored programs and benefits to the Encinal School community. Coordinates with the Executive Board and committee chairpersons to determine proper timing and media format for optimal communication to the Encinal community (eg: newsletters, flyers, on-campus posters, LivingTree post).           

       Committees to support:

    • Newsletter
    • Website
    • Marquee
    • Yearbook


    Community Chair:


    Responsible for oversight of PTO efforts to build a sense of community among all students and families.  Coordinates efforts to provide additional support to students and families as needed.

      Committees to support:

    • Caring and Sharing
    • Fall Family Picnic
    • Spring Social(s)
    • Science Night
    • Cultural Arts Day
    • Harvest Festival
    • 5th Grade Picnic
    • Kindergarten Playdates