Car Line

    Car Line Procedures


    • To enter the Drop-off/Pick-up queue, you must turn onto Oak Knoll Lane from Oakdell Drive. You may NOT enter the carpool queue from White Oak Avenue, Oak Avenue, or by turning left into the parking lot on Oak Knoll Lane.  When there is a back-up on Oakdell Drive, please be courteous and alternate cars turning onto Oak Knoll Lane.
    • NO LEFT TURN/NO U-TURN is allowed from 7:45 am to 8:15 am from White Oak Drive at Oak Knoll Lane. During this time, it will be illegal to merge into the drop-off line from this intersection.
    • Please allow extra time for increased traffic on rainy days.
    • PULL ALL THE WAY FORWARD in car line for drop-off, allowing cars to pull in behind you.  
    • Drivers may not leave their cars to assist exiting children. Large items (music instruments) may be unloaded on the walkway along car line.  Parent volunteers or staff members will assist your children if needed.  
    • School is dismissed at 2:55 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  On Thursdays we are dismissed at 1:25.